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Last Chance Lenovo Gaming Laptop Memorial Day Sale

School’s out (or just about out) for Summer, and if you’re in the market for ~$1,000 gaming laptop you missed Lenovo’s Memorial Day Sale. Well, actually you didn’t. Lenovo extended it through Wednesday, June 1st so you have just over 24 hours to pick up some of the best Gaming Laptop deals of 2016.

Lenovo’s best lot of gaming laptop discounts are all on their Y700 series. It’s Lenovo’s flagship gaming laptop and is by far cheaper than say a brand like Alienware (mostly in the $1,400+ range). Choose between the 17-inch, 15.6-inch, and 14-inch models.

17-inch Y700

15-inch Y700

14-inch Y700

All of the listed Y700 laptops are made-for-gaming. All have a 1080p display and are capable of running modern 2016 games.The discrete graphics card in the 17-inch and 15-inch models is the GeForce GTX 960 while the 14-inch is only a Radeon R9 M375 – a capable GPU, but might require you to run some modern games on low settings.

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