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With so many air conditioning solutions in the market, most people would really be spoilt for choice in regards to what they ought to purchase, especially if they’ve never really bought one before. There are several things that you ought to consider before making a purchase, and one of them includes how big your space is, and how many rooms you want to have air conditioning in. If you need an AC unit in your whole house, then you’d be better off going with a mini-split AC unit, but if you just need something that serves one room, as the Koldfront PAC1402W does, then a tower fan like the Lasko T42951 might also come in handy. Get to the end of this review to see whether or not it could be the best tower air conditioner for you, and how it compares to other high-performing air conditioners.

Why We Like It – Lasko T42951

The Lasko T42951 tower fan is a worthwhile option to consider, especially if you’re only after a fan that you’ll only use indoors, and one that’s also easy to operate. It doesn’t come with a filter, but it does feature 3 different fan speeds, and a nighttime setting that can be very beneficial to anyone who wants to keep it running at night. If you prefer a model that comes with a combination of functions, the Lasko FH500 Combo Tower Fan is recommendable.

  • Nighttime setting for undistracted sleep
  • 7.5 Hour Timer
  • 3 Fan Speed Settings
  • No filter


Similar to the Newair portable air conditioner, the Lasko model T42951 portable oscillating fan has got 3 different speed settings, and stands 43 inches tall with a small 13’ by 13’ base that gives it a solid footing. The tower fan is pretty quiet, and well capable of sustaining you through a long night’s sleep without any disruptions. It’s got a timer just like the Dyson Cool AM07, so you’ll be able to easily program it according to your preferred schedule. Controls on the Lasko T42951 are easy to spot, and if you’d rather not use them, you can also decide to stick to using the remote control that it comes with. That’s the same case with the LG 115V Dual Inverter Smart Window Air Conditioner that can be controlled with the remote or control panel.

Energy Efficiency

If you happen to want the Lasko T42951 wind curve to last through a night’s worth of use without causing a steep increase in your electricity bill, one thing you could do is make use of its timer, which is programmable from 0.5 to 7.5 hours. The TaoTronics Tower Fan also has a built-in timer, but this one allows for a programmable schedule of up to 12 hours, which is more or less half a day. But, for a unit that uses less energy, you need to check out our Portacool PAC2KCYC01 review.


A lot of tower fans don’t really have a filter built-in, and the Lasko T429511 happens to be one of them. You might need to constantly clean out the plastic grille to avoid the accumulation of dust on it, and this is relatively easy to do.


Just like the PELONIS Oscillating Tower Fan, the T42951 Lasko wind curve is backed by a warranty that lasts 1 year, which is more or less the industry standard. You might have to appreciate the Lasko fan’s good build quality, and this is one of the things that’ll keep the fan in service for close to 10 years before you start noticing any signs of breaking down. However, servicing an air conditioner is a different matter altogether since they need to be checked at least twice a year.


The nighttime setting on the Lasko T42951 can be very beneficial, especially if you use it at night, as it helps you sleep better by dimming the display, for less light intrusion as you sleep. It also automatically decreases fan speed throughout the night, and allows you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without having to wake up and adjust it.

Lasko T42951 Wrap Up

There are very many tower fans in the market that you could choose from, but the Lesko T42951 would make a fantastic choice, especially because of its build quality and ease of use. Go ahead and check out what other previous customers had to say about it on Amazon, and you’ll see why it’s considered a good purchase.