Lasko High Velocity Fan Review

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Updated July 11, 2022
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92 Expert Rating

The Lasko Oscillating High-Velocity Fan is a three-speed fan that blows 341CFMs of air in whichever direction you need. While not quite as powerful as other top-tier fans in its class, it can still get the job done in a medium-sized room or a small backyard get-together.

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Why We Like It – Lasko High-Velocity Fan

The Lasko High-Velocity Fan Review is a small, space-saving fan that can easily replace any of your large, imposing fans and produce the same amount of air circulation. The pivoting head allows you to direct airflow where needed, and the manual controls make operation as simple as turning a dial.

  • Three Speeds
  • 120V Twin Built-In Outlets
  • 10-Foot Power Cord
  • Not quite as powerful as other fans in its class
  • No Remote Control
  • Noisy

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The Lasko High Velocity Floor Fan features a pivoting blower head which allows you direct airflow to where you require it most. The Lasko High-Velocity Fan is a powerful fan with three speeds and the ability to produce 341 CFMs at maximum speed. While it may not be quite as powerful as some pedestal fans, tower fans, or the B-Air FIRTANA, it can still cool a room, basement, or job site with relative ease.


The Lasko Blower Fan is an amazing space-saver. Measuring only 11. 3” x 14. 5” it’s only slightly bigger than a standard wooden crate and can easily replace existing window fans or wall mount fans if you need to save some space. The Ryobi Fan is a similar, small, space-saving fan if you’d like to take a look. The Lasko High-Velocity Fan also has an impressive 10-foot power cord so you don’t need to put it so close to an outlet if you don’t want to or if it’s just not feasible.

Noise/Sound Level

The Lasko High-Velocity Blower doesn’t have any stated dB levels so we’ll be turning to customer reviews instead. Unfortunately, many of them do state how loud the fan is. While some do say it’s quiet, there’s a large portion of negative reviews about the noise we just can’t ignore. And it’s not just standard fan noise either. Some customers have reported clicking noises or moving noises if not placed in exactly the right spot.

Versatility/Modern Features

Lasko Bladeless Fans have manual controls so you can adjust the airflow with a simple turn of the dial. It may not come with a remote control, but where the Lasko fans excel above the rest is with the built-in twin 120V outlets on the side to power both the fan and another device at the same time. It’s not the highest-of-tech fan, but it’s rugged and gets the job done. Check out the Geek Aire Fan if you would like to see something more modern and high-tech. For other great options, check out our Lasko 2265QM review and our Maxxair High-Velocity air movement fan review.


The Lasko Oscillating Fan comes fully assembled so all you need to do is take it out of the box and plug it in. Many Lasko Fans feature an optional oscillation feature, but unfortunately, that’s not present here. They must save it for their pedestal and tower fans. This Lasko High-Velocity Fan, however, is ETL Listed and comes with a circuit breaker and reset button.

Lasko High-Velocity Fan Wrap Up

Lasko Products have always had a ‘something’ about them, and with the Lasko High-Velocity Fan, it’s a 10-foot power cord and 120V built-in twin outlets so you can power other devices too. The trade-off for this, though, is that the fan is noisier than most. We’ll leave you to decide whether that’s worth it or not.

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