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There aren’t many tower fans that come with a combination of functions for you to use. The Lasko FH500 however is an exception, as the fan features both heating and cooling capabilities, making it useful whenever there’s a lot of cold or even heat. At 42 inches, the tower fan is pretty tall, so it offers a larger surface area for air conditioning, while still taking up very little space compared to the amount that a portable AC would take up. Think it could be the best tower air conditioner for you? Go ahead with the rest of this review and find out.

Why We Like It – Lasko FH500 Combo Tower Fan

The Laskho FH500 Combo Tower Fan is a 3 in one tower fan that you’ll be able to use as a heater, a fan or even both at once depending on what your preference is. The combo fan is perfect for anyone that doesn’t want to opt for an evaporative cooler or an air conditioner, and has got digital electronic controls that give it a modern appeal.

  • 3 in 1 functionality
  • Easy to clean, removable filter
  • Combination Fan and Heater mode
  • A bit noisy


The Lasko model FH500 fan space heater combo will save you a good chunk of money thanks to it’s 3 in one functionality, and it also presents more of a viable option compared to the Dyson Cool AM07 if you’re looking for value over time. It’ll be very easy to switch between different modes with the Tower Fan, and with up to 8 settings to choose from, you’ll have a wide variety of options to consider that’ll all be useful during different underlying weather conditions. Oscillation is optional on it, and since it’s pretty easy to assemble, you won’t likely need any assistance to put it together.

Energy Efficiency

The Lasko FH500 will only need about 120 Volts of electricity to function, and the heater function has the capacity to draw up to 1500 Watts of power on its maximum level. You ofcourse don’t want to have it at full capacity all through, so it’d be smart to make use of it’s 8 hour timer and set it up to function according to a given schedule. The TaoTronics Tower Fan however has the upper hand over it since it’s got a 12 Hour timer, allowing you to schedule & adjust it’s functioning for about half a day.


Unlike the Lasko T42951, the Lasko space heater combo tower fan has got a removable filter that you should be able to easily take out and clean, so all you need to do is keep a mental note of how long you’ve been using it so that it doesn’t accumulate too much dirt.


The 3 year warranty that covers the Lasko FH500 Combo Tower Fan is largely unheard of, so you’ll be able to enjoy a whole lot of value from the heater fan that’ll be very hard to get anywhere else. The fan itself is also made up of good build quality, and with a removable back cover that houses the filter, you’re guaranteed easy access whenever you need to change it.


The Lasko all season comfort control tower fan is a perfect option to turn to for anyone that’s looking to have a fully functional fan for their home, as they won’t really need to purchase another alternative. The high heat fan also comes with a remote control for convenient operation, and also features simple, digital controls that add a very modern appeal to it.

Lasko FH500 Combo Tower Fan Wrap Up

Founded in 1906, Lasko products began as a metal products company that later evolved into a manufacturer of small appliances, fans as well as household portable heaters. Today, the company prides itself as a market leader in not only the US, but also other parts of the world. You can bet that the Lasko FH500 is therefore a quality product that is guaranteed to last a long duration of time in use.

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