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Taking a much different shape from what we’re familiar with from the typical fan or air conditioner, the Lasko 7050 Misto outdoor misting fan is a very unique compact misting fan, which is designed to be as portable as you would need it to be. It’s got a 90 degree pivot that’s useful in directing both mist and airflow, and is also well suited for use in outdoor situations as it is weatherproof, UV resistant and dust & rust resistant. Could it be the best outdoor air conditioner for you? Read on and find out.

Why We Like It – Lasko 7050

Meant exclusively for outdoor use, the Lasko 7050 outdoor misting fan is more than capable of keeping you cool under hot sunny weather, and it offers up to 3 different speeds for you to switch through according to your preference.

  • Weather, dust, rain and UV resistant
  • 3 different fan speeds
  • 90 degree pivot for easy airflow direction
  • Filter cartridge is a bit difficult to remove


The Lasko 7050 outdoor misting is capable of reducing outdoor temperatures by up to 25 degrees, making it a perfect alternative to an evaporative cooler such as the Luma Comfort EC110S. It’ll have to be connected to a power source to function, but it does come with an in-line GFCI cord, which is important to cut power so as to prevent any chance of an electrocution happening. At about 16 pounds, the fan is somewhat heavy for its size, but this is more of an indicator of it’s high quality than anything else.

Energy Efficiency

At its highest performance, the Lasko 7050 fan consumes about 120 Watts of electricity, which is relatively lower than what you’d expect an AC unit to consume. It’s Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter cord stretches to about 9 feet in length, and is something that you will most likely not come across on other evaporative coolers such as the newair portable air conditioner.


The filter that you’ll find in the Lasko 7050 is vastly different from the kind that you’ll find in an evaporative cooler, but both do require constant cleaning for proper functioning. The filter here is a little more difficult to remove than from an ordinary AC unit, but cleaning is largely done the same way.


The body & design of the Lasko 7050 make it resistant to the weather UV rays and dust, so you should never have to worry about leaving it too long in the outdoors or it getting rained on. Just like the Hessaire MC18M, the unit is also backed by a 1 year warranty period that covers both parts and labour, so you shouldn’t fret about reaching out to their customer service team in the event that your unit has problems.


There’s no water tank on the Lasko 7050, so you will have to connect it to a standard garden hose to ensure continuous water supply. The outdoor fan is also very unlikely to topple, as it has a very low center of gravity, and is also very easy to clean since it can be detached without the use of tools. It’s automatic louvres create a very wide sweep, and some of its nozzles allow for a low flow mist option.

Lasko 7050 Wrap Up

If you’ve never owned a misting fan before, then the Lasko 7050 would be a perfect, affordable option to start out with. It costs less than $150, and is capable of an impressive airflow capacity of up to 298 cubic feet per minute.

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