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While shopping for a fan to use in a tent or a garage, you must’ve come across many high velocity floor fans. But most of them are strictly a floor fan and nothing else. But the Lasko 2265QM has what it takes to be the best garage fan as it comes included with a wall mount, while mainly being a floor fan. And that makes it the best circulation fan for grow tent too.

Why We Like It – Lasko 2265QM

We love the shiny metallic futuristic design of the Lasko 2265QM. It enables the fan to look classy no matter where you use it. You don’t usually see that on high velocity floor fan related products with industrial-grade designs. And the exceptional performance and build quality are just bonuses on top of an already excellent 20 Inch high velocity floor fan.

  • Three powerful speed settings
  • Rubber feet for better traction
  • Simple no-tools assembly
  • Incredibly loud


The Lasko 2265QM performs exceptionally well for a floor and wall mount fan. The speed regulating knob (which also doubles as the power button) has three powerful speeds to choose from. And even the lowest speed will blow you away. We don’t really expect anyone to need any more air flow above the lowest speed settings. Still, here are the numbers, LOW: 3160 CFM, MED: 3320 CFM, HIGH: 3460 CFM. All of those numbers are incredibly high. However, if you need even more air flow, getting multiple ceiling fans is not a bad idea. We recommend you pick up the Westinghouse ceiling fans in that case.


This high velocity fan is wholly made out of metal (other than the speed controlling knob, which is plastic made), so this fan’s build quality is absolutely fantastic. Even indoors, it actually looks like a futuristic smart home device. And the metal blades last very long. The 6 feet long power cord also comes with a fuse inbuilt to protect the motor from electricity surges.

Noise/Sound Level

As with most high velocity fans, it’s deafeningly loud. But you should expect that going into it from the beginning. These industrial-grade fans are not supposed to be quiet at all and are mostly supposed to be used at professional workspaces. The Vornado 660 is the most silent fan you can buy, but it’s tiny at the same time.

Versatility/Modern Features

Even though this floor fan doesn’t have remote control or ambient heating cooling functions, it does have a few features that set it apart. It is modular and comes with a wall mount to use as a wall mount fan. Not many fans can do that other than dedicated wall mount fans (e.g., Maxx Air Wall Mount Fan). Along with its rubber feet, it also has a convenient built-in carry handle. And it has pivoting controls for angular adjustments.


Overall the Lasko 2265QM is one of, if not the best floor fan to buy as it beats some of its higher-priced competitors as well in some aspects, and the customer reviews show that. And it’s sold and shipped directly by Amazon, so you can utilize your gift cards and get other benefits.

Lasko 2265QM Wrap Up

The Lasko 2265QM is an absolutely amazing high velocity floor fan. It’s not exactly a decor piece for home improvement. But if you need a rugged fan for your professional workspace, this definitely is the fan to get.

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