Larklife Wristband Tracks Sleep, Food, and Exercise (video)

Let’s not mince words; we live in an overweight society.  So it’s no surprise when yet another fitness product emerges, a late night infomercial pushing a diet pill airs, or another insane video workout is produced.  Sadly, none of these things will truly work if you don’t have the energy or the ability to stay organized and implement good habits into your lifestyle.


The Nike Fuelband, while a stylish and well made product (aesthetically at least), is only as good as the athlete or aspiring athelete that wears it.  The FitBit achieves some decent middle ground as it tracks steps taken per day and all together suggests more movement or activity through simple walking.  And then there are a variety of sleep aids in the form of technology that range from the Zeo, to the Renew Sleepclock, to the Lark.

However, all of these only address parts of our day that impact our all together general health.  Eschewing that is the larklife.  In short order, it’s Nike Fuel Band meets the Lark.  In fact, it’s actually two separate products, or this case two separate wrist bands sold in one package.  We don’t know when it will launch, but we do know is that the Day Time Wristband tracks steps taken, can discern between walking and running, and allows you to track your meals (when you eat them), with the push of a button.  When connected to your iOS device using Bluetooth you can go back and modifiy that info accordingly, noting when you ate, though we’d love a version that could automatically do this, but sadly that day has yet to arrive.  A Nighttime wristband, made of soft material analogous to pajamas tracks your sleeping habits using similiar tech, and like the original Lark, can wake you at the optimal time with vibrations.

We would have liked to see an all in one device, but we’ll gladly settle for a package deal, which mind you costs just $150, the same price as Nike’s overrated Fuelband.  The Daytime band comes in three sizes, while the Nighttime band is one size fits all.  You can preorder it today, with retail availability being announced later this year.

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