Lapierre eSensium 300 Review

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Updated January 30, 2023
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If quality is what you’re after in the best e-bikes for women, the Lapierre eSensium 300 Road Bike is one tempting offer. For starters, its frame is built to accommodate the size of women, which has helped shave the weight of the bike down to only 30 lbs. Fitted with hydraulic disc brakes, inclement weather never stood a chance. If you are a beginner in bike riding, you could not be charged by saying it is the best electric bike for starters.

Why We Like It – Lapierre eSensium 300

The Lapierre eSensium 300 is only 30 lbs of a multi-alloy frame fitted for the generally smaller size of women, in addition to comfortable seating and Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with excellent stopping power. But to get a bike that is hardwired for adventure, open the Kepteen mountain bike review.

  • Incredibly lightweight; only 30 lbs.
  • Frame is designed for women
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes superb in inclement weather
  • Max speed peaks at 15.5mph
  • Battery is a pain to remove

Durability & Build Quality

For 30 lbs of multi-alloy material, the Lapierre E Sensium is rather durable, and weighs nearly half of the Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45. The integrated routing fork new E Sensium carbon alloy is tough for a carbon fork, capable of handling various terrains like mountains, rocks, and dirt trails. What about trikes for tough terrains? A fun and ultra-portable trike are in the Liberty trike review.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

When it comes to speed, the hub motor doesn’t really offer that much speed; in fact, 15.5mph is fairly low, matching the Liv Thrive E+ 1 Pro in speed. The combination of Shimano RT66SS, Shimano Tiagra FC, rear derailleur Shimano Tiagra RD R4700GS, and the Shimano HG500 10-speed cassette Shimano is a great combination, offering plenty of speed variety.

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Range & Battery

The 250Wh battery is by far the most impressive feature, capable of capping 70 miles if using pedal assistance sparingly, and seemingly unhindered by extra weight. Unfortunately, the battery pack is a pain to remove.

Safety Features

The electric road bike Lapierre has created isn’t packed with safety features, which is a big disappointment considering you’ll be dropping $3360 on it. It doesn’t even have reflectors.


The Lapierre eSensium 300 is an interesting specimen, for sure. It shares plenty of features with other road bikes, and its quality is impressive. But its pricing is a hard pill to swallow, considering it feels right at home as a sporty exercise brake for someone who wants slight assistance when needed. It even outprices the $2900 Trek Dual Sport +. However, that’s the cost of quality.

Lapierre eSensium 300 Wrap Up

The Lapierre eSensium 300 isn’t reachable for the average rider, but for those who do pick one up, you’ve just entered the world of electric bikes in style and performance. Its ebike motion system and 250Wh battery pump out 70 miles of range. Not to mention its lightweight frame that accommodates women and hydraulic disc brakes that stop on a dime.

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