Land Rover Officially Debuts 2013 Range Rover

Land Rover had to officially release info on their 2013 Range Rover after a few images were leaked onto the web. The larger, lighter 2012 Ranger Rover has some new design cues from the smaller Evoque SUV, but it also sort of looks like a fixed up Ford Flex. The new model will be available in December.

According to Land Rover, the new model is about 700 pounds lighter than a similarly equipped outgoing model thanks to an all-aluminum unibody structure. There are also new aluminum chassis structures at both the front and rear, as well as a re-engineered four-corner air suspension that allows it to hug corners nice and tight. Its off-road capability is still the best, with Land Rover introducing its next-generation Terrain Response system that automatically monitors road conditions and selects the appropriate settings based on the road (or dirt, or sand, or rock, or snow) surface. Powering the new 2013 Range Rover will be a range of V8 options 5.0-liter naturally aspirated and supercharged forms customers are used to, with all engines mated to ZF eight-speed automatic transmissions.

Inside, there’s more legroom (4.7 inches of rear legroom to be exact) and there’s also a two-place rear seat package for “the ultimate in personalized rear-seat luxury.” There’s also a there’s a redesigned center stack and IP, and the whole thing looks substantially more modern.

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