Lamborghini’s New Sexy Veneno Roadster Is Ten Times More Than Aventador

Back in March, Lamborghini released its Veneno supercar at the Geneva Motor Show and now they’re back with a topless roadster version of the sleek and sexy ride. The hardtop version sold for $3.9 million with only three units built. Now for its roadster version, Lamborghini has confirmed that it will build only nine of them, going for about $4.5 million ($600,000 more than the coupe and ten times more than its Aventador supercar).

Veneno Roadster

The roadster features the same radical, futuristic styling  and still has the extreme competition-derived aerodynamics, carbon-intensive construction and twelve-cylinder powertrain as its coupe brother. The roofless cockpit, which offers no protection from the elements, is the only change (yeah, there’s no fabric, umbrella-like device, or removable roof, exposing the driver to anything!). It also has the same 220 mph top speed as the coupe with a 0-62 mph run at 2.9 seconds from its 6.5-liter V12 engine (the same engine and seven-speed ISR gearbox that also powers Lamborghini’s Aventador, but pushes out 750 hp).

Veneno Roadster


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