Lamborghini Aventador J at 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Lamborghini recently showed off a new creation they’re calling the Aventador J, or Jota after the Spanish pronunciation of the letter. It’s a fully functioning Lambo that sports the same 691-horsepower 6.5-liter V-12 of its hardtop Aventador sibling, except in roadster form. As the world’s most exclusive new Lamborghini, the Aventador J that was released at the 2012 Geneva Motor show is the only one in the world and has actually been sold to a collector for a reported 2.1 million euros, or $2.75 million. The name of the buyer wasn’t released, but he’ll be having an  “extreme driving experience,” says Lamborghini, since the open-cockpit two-seater can reach speeds of 180 mph.

The showcased Aventador J was created to demonstrate numerous ideas for future projects of Lamborghini. It’s interior is one example, which features pliable carbon-fiber material that Lamborghini says could be suited to “very high-end clothing (the Italian manufacturer actually ahs its own high-end clothing and accessories line).

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