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LaFerrari: The Enzo Replacement

This is Ferrari’s highly, highly anticipated successor to the Enzo.  It’s just too bad it’s called the LaFerrari.  Explained by Ferrari’s President

“We chose to call this model LaFerrari, because it is the maximum expression of what defines our company – excellence. Excellence in terms of technological innovation, performance, visionary styling and the sheer thrill of driving.

Looks like they forgot excellence in naming, but that’s largely a moot issue.  And since production will be limited to just 499 units, there are a select few that will have to overlook the car’s moniker.  What they will care about though, is the car’s ungodly like performance.

It’s no surprise that the LaFerrari sports a massive V12 engine with a 6.3 liter capacity. But what might shock a few purists is the presence of a 160hp electric motor.  Combined, the LaFerrari boasts an output of 949hp and 664-pound feet of torque.  This fires the car to 62 mph in what Ferrari says is under 3 seconds, with a top speed of 205 mph.  A set of on-board batteries, which Ferrari worked hard to make both lightweight and efficient, capture energy when the LaFerrari brakes or sends too much torque to the wheels.

Adding to the LaFerrari’s efficiency marks is the hand-laminated carbon fiber – drawn from their F1 vehicles – that is said to create a chassis that is both lightweight and beyond stiff.  And speaking of efficiency, the LaFerrari sports active aerodynamic devices in the front (diffusers and guide vanes on the underbody) and rear (diffusers and rear spoiler) which generate downforce when needed without compromising the car’s overall drag coefficient.  Ferrari says this makes it one of the most aerodynamic road cars to date.   Other features include a 41/59 weigh ratio and carbon ceramic brakes all adding up to- wait for it- the fastest road Ferrari ever built.

Unfortunately, Ferrari hasn’t said how much or when the LaFerrari will go on sale.

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