If it wasn’t difficult enough to clean the traditionally shaped at home aquarium, then you should try this one on for size, the Labyrinth Aquarium.  It’s hardly the ode to Mario Bros. like this at home underwater zoo, or the visceral experience of this giant aquarium (Aquadom) in Berlin, Germany.  Nevertheless, something tells me this $6,000+ contraption will suffice for those of the fish friendly ilk. If you’d rather have a different tank, take a look at our review of the Midwest Topical (makes keeping pet fish space-efficient with their standing tank).

Made from Lucite (aka Acrylic Glass), you’ll  never have to worry about it cracking in the event of an earthquake or small children children smacking into it (effectively the same thing).  Included with the six globes of awesomeness are silk plants, filters, air pumps, and three lights.  They’re also tossing in the necessary cleaning equipment, but something tells me there is no brush, pipe cleaner, or even motorized bot that will make the process a simple, or pain free one. If you like this aquarium, you might also want to read our review of this face recognition cat door.

For added scratch they’ll toss in a cabinet, but you might want to think twice about that added investment, since you’ll very well need to throw down for the fishies as well.

Labyrinth-Aquarium-2 Labyrinth-Aquarium

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