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Labor Day HDTV Deal Roundup: Catch a 55″ TV For $399

Cheap Labor Day HDTV Deals
Intercept Catch a $399 55" TV this Labor Day Weekend.

Was it an interception or a fumble? Maybe if you had a bigger screen TV you could tell. Well, that’s a way to justify your next HDTV purchase before the NFL season anyway. And if you want to go bigger you can always check out the best LG 65 inch TV.

This weekend the Labor Day sales in 2016 have commenced and Best Buy is blowing it out in big screen HDTV value. We’ve waded through their offers and come up with the top 14. If you think a 50-inch TV is not affordable, think again because they’re as cheap as $250 and a 55-inch as cheap as $399.

Big Screens


Holy Cheap

The most striking value that hits us is not even the 55-inch Toshiba for $399, but it’s slightly more expensive brother for $449. For only $50 more than the cheaper 1080p model, the Toshiba 55-inch 55L621U gets you the all-coveted 4K resolution. While 4K content is still hard to find, you’re paying $50 more to future proof yourself so it might be a smart move.

Need something even cheaper? Replace the 32-inch bedroom TV with a 40-inch Hisense for only $180. Hisense might not be a household name brand, but for the price you can’t beat the screen size.

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