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The La Marzocco Mistral Espresso Machine Is A Coffee-Powered Spaceship

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Whether it’s about the best nespresso machine or espresso machine; give this to the Italians, they don’t do half-measures. If they redesign an espresso machine, by God they’re not just going to slap a sticker on it and call it a day. They’re going to turn it into something that looks like it should be in the Enterprise shuttle bay. At least that’s what we’re pretty sure La Marzocco was thinking with their Mistral espresso machine.

Caffeine Power!

First of all, this is a professional espresso machine, and it’s got the features to match. The double boiler means that you can both steam milk and boil water at the same time, which is undeniably a useful feature, and it puts out espresso on an industrial scale: 50 to 100 shots an hour. And if that weren’t enough, you can set it to fully automatic or do everything yourself.

Fly To The Stars

All of that, of course, is ultimately second to the design. This is designed as a commercial device, to both churn out shots of espresso and to look good doing it. As a result it’s got a spaceship-like design, complete with a rounded body, bold angled typeface on the front announcing the name, and landing struts. It looks kind of like a PS3 was hollowed out and turned into a coffee-dispensing spaceship.


Professional Grade Coffee

That said, there’s a reason for that; it’s designed to attract customers. This being a professional piece of restaurant gear, expect to pay professional-gear prices, namely $21,000. Part of the reason it’s so pricey is that this is entirely hand-made, in Italy. But it will be worth it, not least because if you’ve got a huge party where everybody wants espresso, you can stay on top of it.

OK, so maybe that won’t happen, but you’ve got to admit, this thing is pretty cool. It almost makes us want to start a coffee shop.

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