Kwikset Kevo iPhone Dead Bolt Lets You Unlock Your Door with Touch

Kevo iPhone Lock

The Lockitron is probably the easiest DIY solution for those looking to automate, for lack of better words, their front door’s deadbolt.  It simply fits over the existing lock (on the inside) and using a motor and Bluetooth sensor, it unlocks your front door when instructed by the authorizing and accompanying iPhone app.

Entering the fray is the Kwikset Kevo.  Unlike the Lockitron this is a complete deadbolt system that replaces your front door’s existing one.  So installation is a bit more extensive, but should by most accounts be tolerable for those that can handle a screwdriver.

Once installed and powered on, and with the app running on your iPhone (4s and 5 only) you only need touch the deadbolt with your finger to unlock or lock the door.   Alternatively, you can carry around a Fob, which replaces the iPhone app and still allows the same finger un/lock.

The Kevo runs on 4 AA batteries that are said to be good for up to 1-year, where upon the built-in LED light will indicate when they need to be changed.  In the event that the batteries do die, you can continue to use a regular key to lock or unlock the door.

The app requires that both Bluetooth and Location Services be activated in order for it to work.  This could prove challenging on your iPhone’s battery, so it’s something I’ll surely be testing if I can get my hands on one.  That all said, you can also send an “eKey” to family, friends, or anyone visiting, allowing them to enter your home without you being present.  Of course they’ll need a compatible phone (iPhone 5 or 4s) and have the app running on their handset.  It doesn’t appear that you can limit access by time of day to certain users, but perhaps this is an option that will come in due time.

Unfortunately, there is no word on when the Kevo from Kwikset will be available for purchase.


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