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Kryptonite New-U Evolution Mini-7 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
92 Expert Rating

Kryptonite is at it yet again with another class topping bike lock that’s sure to keep bike thieves at bay and give you a sense of security whenever you need to leave your bike outside. The Kryptonite Evolution Mini 7 is a U lock that’s made out of hardened performance steel, and comes with a double loop cable that allows you to secure your bike along with its accessories. It’s security disc style cylinder allows for a patent pending double deadbolt design for its steel shackle, requiring the manipulation of both ends of the U bracket to release the lock. The New U Evolution Mini registers an impressive 7/10 on the Kryptonite security scale, thanks to elements such as its hardened max performance steel which make it drill resistant and immune to bolt cutters & leverage attacks. In case you’re looking for a bike lock that’s sure to offer you reliable theft protection, then the New U Evolution mini is worth considering. Read on to find out why it features on our best bike lock list. If you want to make sure you’re safe to bike home from the bar, read our review of the Alcoho-Lock- keeps drunks off their bikes.

Why We Like It – Kryptonite New-U Evolution Mini-7

Getting the Kryptonite New U Evolution bike lock is a huge step in the right direction as far as bike security is concerned, and with a lifetime warranty also being included, this bike lock has got everything you need and more.

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Double Deadlock design for maximum security
  • Easy to use
  • Keys not resistant to corrosion


Without a doubt, the high security New U bike lock from Kryptonite has the hardened double deadbolt design as its main highlight, and this happens to be its main form of anti theft protection. The double deadbolt design prevents both twisting and jacking, while the high performance steel shackle, at 13mm thick, is highly unlikely to be tampered with once used to firmly secure your bike frame. It’s still not as thick as the Sigtuna Bike Locks Heavy-Duty U Lock at 16 mm, but it gets the job done. The patent hardened pending double deadbolt design shows how Kryptonite remains at the forefront of providing the best in terms of bike security, and if you choose to deal with these products as an amazon seller, you might be eligible for free shipping.


The product dimensions of the Kryptonite New U Evolution mini are 3.25’’ by 7’’, which means, like the Via Velo Bike U Lock with Cable, it’s not that big in size. Shipped from the United States, the double-loop cable that comes with the Evolution mini stretches to about 4 feet, and has a protective vinyl coating (PVC) to protect it against any scratches. The Kryptonite Evolution anti theft bike lock’s hardened double deadbolt build assures users of all round protection against theft, and its protective vinyl coating key to keep it safe against all the harmful weather elements. It’s double deadbolt design higher increases its ability to secure your bike.


Just like the Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy-Duty Bicycle U Lock, the Kryptonite New U Evolution mini comes with three stainless steel keys that unlock it, though we do recommend signing up under their key safe program so that just in case you do happen to lose the originals, Kryptonite will still be able to send you replacements. The new key design also includes an LED replaceable key fob, which becomes valuable whenever you’re accessing your bike in the dark. If you don’t want to be dealing with keys though, the Sportneer 5-Digit Combination Chain Cable Bike Lock is a great alternative.The double deadbolt higher security lock comes with a disc style cylinder that has protective PVC coating, and a hardened double deadbolt steel shackle to make sure that thieves don’t stand a chance with your bike.

Kryptonite New-U Evolution Mini-7 Wrap Up

The New U Evolution Mini’s patent pending hardened double deadbolt design should be the number one reason you decide to pick it over other bike locks. It’s ability to withstand attacks, patent pending configuration and PVC coating key safe guard it to prevent the stainless steel from rusting as a result of rain. The bike lock, aside from being drill resistant includes a FlexFrame U Bracket to provide convenient u-lock transport, and provides for bike attacks new challenges to overcome.

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