Kroser 17 Messenger Laptop Bag Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you don’t want to spend too much money on a water repellant messenger bag, don’t worry, the Kroser 17-inch laptop bag is here for you. This laptop briefcase costs less than $30, and for that you get a shoulder bag that’s full of compartments and able to carry your 17-inch laptop. The Kroser laptop bag comes with enough space for your laptop, iPad, books, water bottle, diary, headphones and even your umbrella, and will allow you to move around with your belongings without having to leave anything behind. It’s high quality material will ensure that your laptop never gets wet, and with a roomy main compartment, your items are guaranteed to fit. The Kroser laptop bag is one of the best laptop bags that we’ve encountered, and as you continue with this review, you’ll find out why.

Why We Like It – Kroser 17 Messenger Laptop Bag Review

The Kroser 17-inch messenger bag may cost less than $30, but don’t dismiss it as another cheap laptop bag just yet. It comes with about 5 compartments in total, with some of those having a soft sleeve that allows you to store your stationery, passport and keys for easy reach.

  • Water-repellent nylon material
  • Expandable by 2 inches
  • Multiple compartments
  • Might tear if overfilled


Not many laptop bags come with an expansion zipper like the Kroser 17-inch Kroser briefcase laptop bag does. The zipper increases the bag’s width from 7.1-inches to 9.1-inches, giving you a lot more space to carry your stuff. It’s roomy main compartment consists of a 1 soft padding sleeve, as well as 2 small pockets for your laptop accessories. On its outside, the 17-inch laptop bag has a detachable shoulder strap that has a metal hook, as well as 3 external compartments that let you store anything that you want to have an easy reach to. It’s not as elegant as the kenneth cole reaction columbian leather laptop bag, but it gets the job done, and at a far much cheaper price.


The Kroser 17-inch laptop case is a computer bag that lets you carry your essentials even in the rain. It’s similar to the amazonbasics laptop bag and Tablet Shoulder bag, but only wider. Its water repellent nylon material keeps your stuff from getting wet, and its sturdy handle gives you a good grip as you scatter towards shelter. The laptop messenger bag is only available in the color black, and weighs about 1.98 pounds by itself. For easier handling, it comes with a luggage strap on its back so that you can fit it on top of your suitcase.


Made for both women men, the Kroser laptop messenger bag is one of the best laptop bags that you can come across for less than $30, and with the huge amount of space it offers, the bag holds your laptop easily along with a bunch of other accessories you might want to carry around. It’s not a bag that’s exquisitely designed for women as the sunny snowy nylon laptop bag is. It’s designed to be used by both genders, and has a nice look no matter who is carrying it.

Kroser 17 Messenger Laptop Bag Review Wrap Up

The Kroser messenger bag is more than capable of helping you ferry around all your office work tools, no matter how many you might think they are. With its ability to expand up to two inches wide, the bag shoulder comes with all the space you will need to carry your stuff as you move between work, school and home.