KOR-FX Haptic Vest Puts You In The Game


You’ve probably experienced this at some point while gaming: The thought that, somehow, the game could be improved if you strapped a bunch of vibrating devices to your chest. All right, perhaps that’s just us, but the KOR-FX Haptic Vest wants to make your gaming even more immersive.

Feedback and Chest

Essentially, the KOR-FX, built by Immerz, is a device that you strap across your upper chest. It syncs with your games via a wireless connection, and then you just play as you normally would. Essentially, as sound happens in the game, you’ll feel it in, quite literally, your chest. Bullets from behind will vibrate, explosions will rattle you, and so on.

All Shaken Up

So why would you sign up to be shaken, rattled, and rolled? According to the team behind this, it increases immersion as you play. Once you have the vest set up, and you can tweak everything from the strength of the vibrations to how much they overlap to the “depth of field” of the vibrations. So essentially, if you leap through a wall and spray the areas with bullets while taking one or two hits in order to get the area cleared out and wait for your health to recharge, it’ll be that much more dramatic.


Bullet Time

They also claim to have worked out a system that tricks the brain’s vibratory senses to make you feel more immersed in the game. Whether that’s actually true or just marketing spin, well, we’re not sure, but it sure sounds cool! That said, it’s not clear when you’ll get your hands on this. It’s been in development for four years, and both release date and price aren’t yet available. Expect, however, to hear more in June when the Immerz team hits E3 to show off their new device.

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