KopBeau Tower Fan Review

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Updated December 23, 2022
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KopBeau is a company that’s not as well known in the air conditioning market, but they do have a couple of good products in their line. Take the Kop Beau Tower Fan for example. It takes up the typical shape of a tower fan (tall and narrow), and is 42 inches tall at maximum height. You can also choose to shrink it down to 36 inches as well, and this is something that makes it stand out since not many tower fans can be adjusted in this manner. You also get good stability thanks to a nice flat base, but you will have to contend with the fact that it is only available in black. Could you consider it the best tower air conditioner? Perhaps. Get to the end of this review to find out what else it’s got in store, and be in a better position to compare it to any of the best air conditioners on the market today.

Why We Like It – KopBeau Tower Fan

The KopBeau Tower Fan is pretty big, easy to use, height-adjustable, and quite powerful, making it a great fan to use in your house or office. You can choose to operate it from a distance through its remote control, and also schedule when it should operate thanks to its 7-hour timer.

  • Height adjustable from 36 inches to 42 inches
  • 7 Hour Timer for Energy Saving
  • Ultra-quiet thanks to soft wind blow
  • Only available in black


Unlike the Forty4 small oscillating tower fan, the KopBeau tower fan has 3 different fan speeds that you can choose from, as well as 3 different cooling modes that you should be able to alternate between depending on your preferences. The fan also features an LED display that’s well lit, and an oscillation function that you can turn on or off. This is way different from what you’ll get with the Dyson Cool AM07 air multiplier, which doesn’t have an array of blades spinning as the KopBeau tower fan does.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a very important factor to look into as you decide on your next air conditioning solution, and with the KopBeau oscillating tower fan, the one way that you’ll be able to work around this through making use of its built-in timer. You can decide to use its 7-hour timer to program when it should turn on and off during the night, and in doing so, the oscillating tower fan would use up a lot less electricity than when it was on all through. We wish it came with a sleep mode like the TaoTronics Tower Fan for this function, but the 7-hour timer should suffice. You may also want to consider the Koldfront PAC1402W Portable Air Conditioner which has a 7-hour eco mode for saving energy.


It’s not rare for tower fans not to feature any filters built-in, except for the Lasko FH500 combo tower fan. The KopBeau Tower Fan also doesn’t have any filter installed, but this is not to say that it’ll be blowing back dirty air to you. As long as you make sure to clean it now and then, and keep it in a room where there’s clean air, then you shouldn’t have a problem. If you need a unit that’s got a filter, get the Lasko 7050 misting fan.


The KopBeau quiet oscillating cooling fan has great build quality, and you’ll probably discover that as you put it together during assembly. It’ll be sure to provide years of good service, and when you get it new, you’ll find that it is covered by a 1-year warranty, and this should be able to give you confidence in knowing that you’re purchasing a good quality product.


One of the things that make the KopBeau 42-inch tower fan quiet oscillating cooling fan really worth considering is the fact that it guarantees quiet operation. Its 32 durable drum leaves provide smooth and soft airflow & distribution to the whole room, whether you’re running the fan at the highest or the lowest speed. At 42 inches, its height is similar to that of the fan we feature in our Lasko T42951 review, but the Lasko fan isn’t height-adjustable, and this makes the major difference between the two in terms of design.

KopBeau Tower Fan Wrap Up

There’s not much about the KopBeau tower fan quiet oscillating is the best tower fan you could go for, especially if you’re looking for one in black. It’s very easy to use and has a modern appeal that’s pretty hard to come by.

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