Koldfront PAC1402W Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Updated December 15, 2022
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The good thing about having an air conditioner in your home is that you’ll be able to control the quality of air that you’ll be able to enjoy while indoors, and this is key, especially for anyone that lives in a region where the weather is prone to change every now and then. The Koldfront PAC1402W portable air conditioner is an ideal pick for anyone who doesn’t want to live in the conditions of that kind of area, and it’s perfect for a room size that’s not more than 500 sq ft. Could it be the best portable air conditioner for RV use? Read on to find out, and be able to compare it to other top-performing air conditioners.

Why We Like It – Koldfront PAC1402W Portable Air Conditioner

Made in the United States, the Koldfront PAC1402W portable air conditioner is a stellar option for anyone looking to enjoy proper air conditioning in any of the 350 square feet rooms in their home. It comes with a remote control included, and packs a decent cooling power of about 14000 BTU ASHRAE (8800 BTU DOE), which is pretty powerful for a unit of its size.

  • Follow Me feature on its remote
  • Compact in size
  • Eco mode for energy efficiency
  • No Wi-Fi connectivity for app control


The PAC1402W Koldfront portable air conditioner consists of a single hose, and bears a cooling capacity of 14000 BTU. This is very impressive for an AC unit of its size, since you’ll find that other portable air conditioners of the same capacity tend to be quite larger. Also worth noting is that it’s got 3 functionalities built into it, as it is also capable of air conditioning, dehumidifying, and fanning down your space. These are all functionalities that you’ll also get on the Ontel Arctic Air Ultra, with the one major difference between the two being that the Ontel AC is a lot more compact. If you’re strictly looking to save space, you may as well opt for the KopBeau Tower Fan that’s tall and narrow. And if you’re already looking for an AC unit with a 14000 BTU rating, you can opt for the model in our EdgeStar 14000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner & Heater review that can also heat your home.

Energy Efficiency

To keep your energy costs low as you use the PAC1402W portable air conditioner, you can opt to engage its eco mode, where you’ll have it hold a certain temperature for over 7 hours. This can be a great mode to switch it to especially overnight, and doing so can make sure that your electricity costs don’t fluctuate. Another hack to keep your costs low would be to use the lowest level out of the 3 fan speeds that Koldfront AC has. With the Koldfront CAC8000W, your two options are to use the energy saver mode, or the sleep mode.


Inside the Koldfront portable air conditioner PAC1402W, you’ll find a washable pre-filter that is responsible for preventing the accumulation of any unwanted dust particles. Also, because it doesn’t come with a check filter indicator, people found that they’ll have to rely on their memory for the dates that they’ll have to take it out and clean it. Typically, this happens to be about twice a month.


The commendable build quality of the Koldfront PAC1402W means that it’s probably going to be a considerable amount of time and use before it starts breaking down. Similar to the Costway Portable Air Conditioner, the PAC1402W type portable air conditioner comes backed by a 1-year warranty cover, and this is also typically what you can also expect from a mid-range window unit. Customer service is also on point, so you shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to them in case you figure out something is wrong with your unit. Lasko T42951 doesn’t usually require service, you just can get a new one if it breaks.


Like most air conditioners including the one in our other Koldfront air conditioner review, the Koldfront 14000 BTU portable air conditioner comes with a remote control so that you can use it comfortably from your bed, or your couch in the living room. Unlike that of the LG LP0817WSR 115v Portable Air Conditioner, the Koldfront AC’s remote has a follow-me function, which essentially means that the unit adjusts for temperature fluctuations depending on your exact location, and not that of the unit. The Icybreeze cooler doesn’t have a follow-me feature, but you can tote it around with you.

Koldfront PAC1402W Portable Air Conditioner Wrap Up

Only available in the color white, the Koldfront PAC1402W has a control panel that should be pretty easy to navigate and a decent dehumidifying capacity of up to 107 pints per day. If all this sounds like the right mix of features for you, then go ahead and make your order from Amazon.

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