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Kokoon Headphones Help You Sleep

Most of us just want to shut out the world when we sleep. But that can be a tricky proposition, at best, especially if you can’t take having headphones stuck on your head. So the Kokoon is designed not only to be comfortable whenever you wear them, but to be so comfortable you drift off to sleep listening to the music of your choice.


Kokoon’s basics are pretty simple; the headphones are provided by Onkyo, so you know you’re getting quality. But it’s not just about the sound quality with these headphones.

First of all, they’re designed from the ground up for comfort. They’re molded to your head so they rest comfortably, whether you turn over, roll over, or otherwise move in your sleep. They’ve also got an air circulation system so you don’t get the headphone sweats, which honestly should just come standard in the design of all headphones.

The best benefit, though, is the EEG sensors built into the headphones. As you fall asleep, it tracks your brain waves and adjusts the volume of the music and sound accordingly. As you wake up, you’ll be treated to the music you want to hear.

Oh, and you won’t need to worry about wires; The Kokoon uses Bluetooth.


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If you’ve got trouble sleeping at night, and you need music to make it happen, the Kokoon will likely be a great way to get back to sleep. And at just $189, it might be a headphone purchase actually worth the cost, for once.

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