Koios Immersion Blender Review

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Updated June 27, 2022

Koios Immersion Hand Blenders is considered one of the best blenders, simply because of its powerful motor which gives it the ability to crush ice. Add to this it’s plethora of attachments, and making a meal using this blender is a piece of cake. Especially if you want to make cake. Be aware that it can be loud though.

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Why We Like It – Koios Immersion Blender

The Koios Immersion Blender is a powerful hand blender capable of carrying out your blending needs with ease thanks to the most powerful motor we’ve seen on a hand blender and it’s abundance of speed settings. It’s lightweight too, so you’re only worry will have to be controlling the unit when it’s on its highest speed settings.

  • Can Crush Ice
  • Lightweight
  • Great Variety of Attachments
  • Loud
  • Can Wear Out Faster Than You’d Like


The Koios Hand Mixer boasts an impressive 800 watt motor which is much higher than any other hand blender we’ve seen. But if you are seeking something more powerful and not in the form of a hand blender, consider the Ninja Foodi Blender. But with a motor as powerful as this one, tasks such as crushing, or making baby food and smoothies, should be a piece of cake. Something not normally seen on hand blenders.


The Koios Powerful Stainless Steel Stick Blender comes with 12 settings for speed control as well as a turbo function for great versatility in your blending tasks. If you want something more basic, more minimalistic in your speed options, consider the Homgeek Blender.


At 3.8 pounds, the Koios is one of the best immersion blenders when it comes to weight. However, the trade-off for this is that the blender can get a little loud especially at high speed. It’s heavy duty, with a sturdy stainless steel housing, and all parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free. Just try not to clean it in the dishwasher too much as that tends to wear down hand blenders more quickly.


The Koios Immersion Blender is a multi purpose blender that includes a blending shaft, whisk attachment, 500mL food chopper attachment, and a 600mL mixing beaker. With all these attachments, you can chop herbs, grate bread crumbs, cut meat, mix light batters, prepare whipped cream, and incorporate air into egg whites. And these are just a tiny fraction of examples.


At $50.00, the Koios Immersion Blender if you’re looking for a good budget-friendly blender that has a lot of versatility. If you do want something more high end, consider the VItamix E310 Explorian Blender. A final world on the Koios, the mixing beaker has an ergonomic grip that makes it easy to use. This control grip allows for those who are not strong enough to handle the blender’s power or those with dexterity problems to use the whole system without worry. You may also read our Kuvings Vacuum Blender review and make a comparison.

Koios Immersion Blender Wrap Up

The old saying in life is that you get what you pay for. The Koios Immersion Blender is a great budget-option if you prefer hand blenders over traditional blenders. But be aware that this comes at a cost. And in this case that cost is less than stellar durability. Especially if you decide to use the dishwasher a lot. But if you hand wash you should be able to glean more use out of the unit.

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