Let’s talk bathroom essentials. Bathroom spray is as essential in a bathroom as toilet spray. It’s the only thing keeping your bathroom fresh after countless flushes. KOHLER knows how important bathroom spray is and deduced to incorporate it into one of their toilets. As a leader in broom technology, their new Purefresh toilet seat will give the air freshener industry a run for their money!

Built-in Deodorizer

Purefresh Toilet

The innovative toilet seat features its own built-in deodorizer that uses a carbon filter to mask bad orders in the air after someone handles their business in the bathroom. Its integrated fan will be activated when anyone sits on the seat and will direct its scene pack within to permeate the room with a fresh scent. So unlike other sprays that you use after you’re done, the toilet seat will start to freshen the air as soon has you sit down, eliminating nasty odors before they can start to creep out.

Different Options

Bathroom sprays are great because they’re easy to use and come in a variety of scents. To start, KOHLER will be offering three different scents with its Purefresh toilet – Garden Waterfall, Soft and Fresh Laundry and Avocado Spa. Each of the different scents are easy to install into the toilet and is actually  the same as you would refill other home fresheners (the kind that plug into your electrical outlets; not the sprays). Each pack lasts about a month on average with carbon filters lasting for about six months. And refilling them is easy since all you do is push on one of the toilet’s accessory trays so that it slides out. You don’t have to remove the seat from the actual toilet for any reason!

More Prefresh Features

You can either buy just the Prefresh toilet seat or get the Purefresh Highline Classic Toilet if you’re in the market for a new one. It also has a dual LED nightlight for when you have to go at night and don’t want to turn on the light and can will stay on for eight hours. It functions as a task light when you lift the lid, a guiding light when it’s closed and you can easily program it. And because no one likes a rocky toilet seat, it comes with KOHLER’s Grip-Tight bumpers for added stability. Easy cleaning comes way of some Quick-Release hinges, while Quick-Attach hardware makes ti easy to install the seat.

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