Kohler Verticyl Under-Mount Bathroom Sink Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for the best bathroom sinks that are both sophisticated and prepared for kids and adults alike, the Kohler Verticyl Under-Mount Bathroom Sink is an obvious candidate. Fitted with a large, deep basin and overflow drain, complimented by a geometric shape—the sink can handle a wide range or activities from washing hands to washing hair. Although this might not be one of the most popular bathroom essentials, it is a modern sink that adds character to your bathroom.

Why We Like It – Kohler Verticyl Under-mount Bathroom Sink

Featuring a deep basin, undermount design, and made of vitreous china, Kohler Verticyl Under-Mount Bathroom Sink continues to look good while carrying out the day’s heavy duty use. Since it is easy to splash hair dye (get a good hair-dye option by reading the light brown Henna beard hair review) all over the counter top with this sink, it might not be a good bathroom option for most people.

  • Deep geometric basin gives a sophisticated look
  • Large and deep
  • Semi-hidden overflow drain
  • Inconsistent quality


The Kohler Verticyl Rectangle Undermount Sink performs two key needs: it’s a large, deep basin and it has an overflow drain, unlike the VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom. When in use, the basin is large enough to accommodate a wide range of activities, like kids washing their hands to rinsing dye out of your hair. And since this is an undermount sink, it’s far less likely to break or dismount from being used—especially in a house full of screaming children.


Being an undermount sink and having no mount faucet holes, this means the Kohler Verticyl Under-Mount Bathroom Sink needs to be complemented with a wall or counter mount faucet. The Kohler Verticyl Under-Mount Bathroom Sink is made of a durable vitreous china, which gives it some much needed longevity when taken care of properly. If you do, it will take care of you. Since it has a rather bright white finish, it would be stunning next to an ice grey colored counter to make it pop. For a smaller option, we suggest the KINGO HOME Counter Porcelain Bathroom.


When the Kohler Verticyl Featuring Vertical Sides is built well, it’s built strong. Vitreous china is durable, but that doesn’t change the fact that several users have called out this particular product for inconsistent quality. A handful have ordered two of these undermount bathroom sinks, only to find they’re both of different dimension and color. And when $138 is on the line, that can be an issue. Thankfully, a majority of buyers have been satisfied—so, buyer beware. For a set that includes the faucet, pick up the Tempered Vessel Bathroom Vanity Frosted.

Kohler Verticyl Under-mount Bathroom Sink Wrap Up

Despite inconsistencies, the majority of buyers were still satisfied with the Kohler Verticyl Under-Mount Bathroom Sink. As simple as it appears, the deep geometric sink gives it a very sophisticated look, like a statement of some kind. It’s a large basin that can handle play time and when your hair needs a quick rinse. And if there’s a leak, there’s an overflow drain for backup.