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As number 6 in the best air blower buying guide, the b air kodiak bounce house blower can be used to inflate a commercial bounce house with ease and low power. These b air blowers are sturdy, C-ETL certified, and powerful enough to be used for water damage restoration in addition to inflating items.

Why We Like It – Kodiak Bounce Blower Houses Inflatables

These Kodiak Bounce Blower Houses Inflatables are both safety designed and powerful bounce house inflators. This C-ETL certified air blower is designed to be portable and easy to relocate, and is easy to store due to being smaller and stackable. It also uses less power to produce more air.

  • Free shipping
  • Powerful
  • C-ETL certified
  • Heavy
  • Despite versatility, not for leaf blowing


Unlike the worx wg520 turbine leaf blower, it can’t be used for leaf blowing, but it has a 1.5 hp blower with an amp draw of 7, creating static pressure that can inflate older and larger bounce houses with lower amounts of power. Due to having a 25 ft. cord, it has a decent distance for people who want to inflate their bounce houses outside. If there are any problems with the blower, the Amazon page has a user guide that contains solutions to the more common problems.


This inflator contains roto molded housing that can endure a great amount of damage without breaking, is shaped in a way that makes it stackable and easy to carry. On the inside is a reverse air louvers assembly. Despite both being built for heavy duty endurance, the weights of these two air blowers are significantly different. The Max Storm 1/2 HP Durable Lightweight Air Blower weighs 25 Lbs. while the Kodiak weighs 33 Lbs.


Unlike the xpower airrow multi use electric computer duster, it can’t be used for things such as dusting in between small spaces, and can only be used for bigger applications aside from leaf blowing. Part of the expensive price is due to the parts of the blower chosen to provide its powerful gusts. If someone needs a blower for larger scaled applications such as water damage restoration, blowers like this are good choices for it. Otherwise, it’s too powerful and could damage the more sensitive parts of the machine the user is trying to clean.

Kodiak Bounce Blower Houses Inflatables Wrap Up

As long as shipping doesn’t damage the blower, most customer reviews from the United States have praised it for its power and fast inflation. Before buying this, please enter “B-Air Kodiak 1.5 HP ETL nozzle dimensions” into your search engine of choice to find the nozzle dimensions the Amazon page mentioned, as they’re not listed in the provided user guide or the page itself.

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