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If you’re looking for a cheap, fun instant print camera, the Kodak PRINTOMATIC is one of the best Kodak digital cameras on the market. This digital camera uses a special instant film that allows it to print out your pictures in seconds. The Kodak PRINTOMATIC camera made it onto our best instant film camera list thanks to its exceptional price.


The Kodak PRINTOMATIC digital camera uses Zink paper to take instant pictures with good image quality. Despite being one of the cheapest instant cameras you can buy, it shoots full-color at 10 MP, and also comes with a memory card reader. But, if you’re after a professional camera, then you’ll want the A6600 digital camera by Sony.

  • MicroSD card slot
  • Instant pictures
  • LED flash
  • Rechargeable battery not removable
  • Average autofocus
  • Only two color modes


If you’re comparing cameras, you’ll find that the Kodak PRINTOMATIC has decent performance considering it’s one of the cheapest instant cameras you can buy. It gives the option to print in either color or black and white, just like the Fujifilm Instax Wide 300. The 10-megapixel sensor prints 2 x 3-inch prints with reasonable quality, and there’s also an LED flash that gets activated by a sensor. Essentially, you’re getting instant photo prints with a click of the shutter button. These are physical prints, not just a digital image saved on the internal storage or SD card. 

One of the best features of the PRINTOMATIC camera is the memory card reader, which works, even if there’s no paper loaded. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Film Camera is a better choice if you need a flash.


Similar to the Leica Sofort, the Kodak PRINTOMATIC has a retro style with the old-style rectangular shape with an optical viewfinder. It’s very lightweight at just over seven ounces and is also very compact. So you’ll ike this camera over the one in our Lumix G7 review, because it’s super heavy. This camera uses Zink photo paper, so there’s no need for ink or printer heads. The photo is made by heat from the print camera activating the color crystals on the paper. This simple camera only has a power button, shutter release, and color and black and white switch. There’s also a USB charging port. Another Zink paper rival is the Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera.


Cameras don’t get much cheaper than the Kodak PRINTOMATIC. Despite the low price, it’s still nifty and takes decent pictures with its 10 MP camera. Just like the Kodak Smile Instant Print digital camera, it can also take pictures in color, and black and white, but it can also store them for use at a later stage. The Zink paper is used by many other manufacturers and keeps the cost of print very low. If you’re looking for a budget camera that can instantly print good pictures, it’s hard to beat the value offered by the Kodak PRINTOMATIC and its rival, the Canon IVY CLIQ.

Kodak PRINTOMATIC Instant Digital Camera Wrap Up

The Kodak PRINTOMATIC comes at a fantastic price and can take pictures in either color or black, and white. The pictures can be saved onto a memory card, or instantly printed and shared with your friends. The autofocus won’t work well with action shots, but this is a budget camera designed for fun and affordability. If you’re after something for more professional shots, then check out our Sony HX99 review.

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