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This LED ring light is the best selfie light for the light traveller thanks to its compact design and size. The MiLite features 36 powerful LED bulbs, which can adequately illuminate your face and remove the hazy effect found in most selfies. The clip-on design lets you attach the ring light to your phone and take pictures instantly.

Why We Like It – Kobratech Milite Selfie Ring Light

The KobraTech MiLite selfie ring light features a portable clip-on design that makes it the perfect ring light for travels. The LED light offers three brightness settings and also comes with a bonus Bluetooth remote shutter that makes it easy to take selfies. It even has a rechargeable battery with fast charging support.

  • 36 LED Bulbs
  • Three levels of Brightness adjustment
  • Bluetooth enabled remote
  • Doesn’t work with Samsung Galaxy S9


With 36 LED bulbs placed in a ring, you get plenty of evenly distributed light that’s great for selfies, making videos, and so on. The KobraTech MiLite selfie light offers three brightness adjustment settings for correcting over exposure. The rechargeable battery can offer up to an hour of continuous usage, and supports fast charging via the USB port. The phone ring light also includes a USB cable, but can be used with any microUSB charger. If you’re looking for brighter ring lights, you should check out the UBeesize 8” Selfie Ring Light.


The KobraTech selfie light doesn’t have a phone holder, but that’s because of its clip-on design. It can be attached to almost any smartphone thanks to the clip, while the rubber padding will keep it secure while you take your selfies. However, the design of the ring light somehow doesn’t match the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. It works with pretty much all the other phones, and can also be clipped on to a laptop. Compared to other selfie ring lights such as the Aptoyu 8” LED Selfie Ring Light, this is super compact and portable.


You can call this selfie light a total value for money as they don’t cost a lot, but offer plenty of illumination for taking selfies, and even making videos. The ring light rechargeable battery can offer continuous lighting for your photography needs, and a quick charge can top it up for another round. The Bluetooth remote shutter is a useful addition and can work from a distance of up to 30 feet. You could also give the Auxiwa Clip On Selfie Ring Light a try, which has similar features and is affordable.

Kobratech Milite Selfie Ring Light Wrap Up

The KobraTech MiLite Selfie light is great for selfie lovers as it can help remove the blurry or hazy look from your photos. It features a clip-on design, has three brightness levels, comes with 36 bright LEDs, and a Bluetooth remote shutter. Although it may not work well with phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S9, it does support for hundreds of other devices.

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