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Koblenz Vacuum Review

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Updated December 1, 2022
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The best backpack vacuum cleaner is not far away, not with the Koblenz Vacuum ready and available. Strap this 11 lb vacuum to your back and be amazed by 1400 watts of power and low-volume operation. While it does not catch any ghosts, it does wonders against dust and dirt. If you’re looking for more great products, check out this best vacuum cleaner list.

Why We Like It – Koblenz Vacuum

For commercial-grade power, the Koblenz Vacuum is packing 1400 watts of power in just an 11 lb chassis and is surprisingly quiet during operation. These are great perks, since the Oreck commercial upright XL2100 isn’t very strong and quite loud.

  • 1400 watts of power
  • Isn’t very loud
  • Lightweight, only 11 lbs
  • Uses vacuum bags
  • Could use a few more attachments


Strip away the hard plastic and what you’re left with is 1400 watts of power. More importantly, its 11.5 amp motor operates at a very low volume. Despite its low noise, it’s sucking in lots of cleaning power, battling dust and dirt every square inch of the floor and ceiling, which is a lot like the Eureka canister vacuum.

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Speed & Efficiency

With all that kind of power, what holds it back just a smidge is the number of attachments. You get the most basic set of attachments that do beautifully when in use, like the wide head and brush accessory. Each of the 5 attachments (plus a hose and hard hose pieces) are highly efficient, capable of reaching nooks and crannies. The HEPA Vacuum Cleaner can target allergens though. Because of these elements, it makes you question the differences between canister vs upright vacuums.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Its bin capacity, however, really makes up for it. You can handle up to 2 gallons of dirt and debris, which is 0.4 gallons more than the Hoover Commercial C2401. Unfortunately, it means filling a bag. On the bright side, that’s less time spent on maintenance.

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The Koblenz Vacuum was constructed from durable, hard plastic. It gives it longevity over multiple uses, as opposed to a metal chassis. More importantly, it means the vacuum is much lighter at just 11 lbs, easily handled by your back and added strap.


The Koblenz Vacuum is a big investment; the vacuum alone is $530, and that’s not including the bags. At the very least the vacuum bags hold a whopping 2 gallons, so they’ll get plenty of use. At the same time, there’s less dirt being blown out from a badly sealed container. Not to mention less maintenance involved. For $130 less, you could have the ProTeam ProVac FS6.

Koblenz Vacuum Wrap Up

If the Koblenz Vacuum had just two or three more attachments, it would’ve been perfect, despite its reliance on vacuum bags. We simply can’t argue with its performance: 1400 watts of power, it’s quiet, and lightweight. You can strap this to your back and be done in no time at all.