What is the Kobalt Tools Warranty?

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Updated March 21, 2023

When perusing appliance and gadget insurance plans, you may want to learn about the Kobalt tools warranty. When you purchase a new Kobalt toolset or individual item, you also receive a robust manufacturer’s warranty that lasts the lifetime of the tool. This manufacturer’s warranty handles issues caused by factory errors and normal wear and tear, as these tools are supposed to be especially durable. In this way, the plans here are similar to a Leatherman warranty.


  • Kobalt offers a robust, lifetime, hassle-free guarantee that covers accidental damage and normal wear and tear, in addition to manufacturing defects.
  • Kobalt’s lifetime warranty applies to a diverse array of products, including most dedicated mechanics tools, outdoor tools, and complete tool sets.
  • Make sure to hold onto the receipt and warranty card in case you need them several years down the line. Hold onto your credit card information if you don’t have the receipt.

Do Kobalt Tools Ship With a Warranty?

Yes, Kobalt tools ship with a lifetime warranty that extends above and beyond, say, an average air conditioner warranty. The company calls this a “hassle-free guarantee” as they offer a no-questions-asked return policy that is more in line with the premium coverage offered by an extended Apple Watch warranty. This warranty should be applicable for just about every tool under the Kobalt umbrella, from garden tools to compressors and beyond, which is more than you can say for standard Apple Beats repair options.

Insider Tip

Kobalt’s warranty does not cover theft, so you may require additional coverage for this scenario.

Tips to Ensure Maximum Coverage

The lifetime warranty here is especially robust, but there are some things you can do to ensure you maximize your coverage just in case something goes wrong with your tools down the line.

Register Your Product

The first thing you should do when receiving your Kobalt tool is to register the device with the company. This will give you a digital version of a warranty card, though you can also request a paper copy in the mail. Have your receipt and serial number handy when signing up for warranty coverage. Once you get the warranty card, make sure to store it properly. This is a lifetime warranty, after all, and you never know when you will actually have to dig it out for use.

Keep the Receipt

This is a lifetime warranty, so this step can be tricky, but try to hold onto the receipt, so you have proof of purchase down the line when you require some work or a replacement unit. Store a paper receipt in a drawer somewhere and make a PDF copy of a digital receipt, storing it in the cloud and on various hard drives. In other words, redundancy is your friend here. There is no such thing as over-saving documentation. Also, jot down the customer service phone number for Kobalt, just in case, which is 1-888-3KOBALT.

STAT: In 2003, the Danaher Corporation began producing the majority of Kobalt hand tools, though the company is now owned by Lowe’s. (source)

Kobalt Warranty FAQs

How do you submit a Kobalt tools lifetime warranty claim?

To submit a warranty claim on your Kobalt power tools or tool set, head to the web portal to begin the process or call up customer service.

What are the best Kobalt tools?

This depends on personal preference, as Kobalt is known for making a vast array of tool sets, Kobalt power tools, battery platforms, and more, all with a satisfaction guarantee and robust warranty policy.

Are Kobalt tools better than Craftsman tools?

Kobalt tools have a long and rich history of making high-quality tool sets, but so does Craftsman. Both companies are well-regarded, so purchase some Kobalt power tools or go for Craftsman max brushless tools.
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