Knight Rider LEGO Cuusoo Set

kight rider lego

For those who grew up in the 1980s, the name KIIT should bring back memories of David Hasselhoff in his infamous role on the TV show Knight Rider. A new LEGO cuusoo has hit the web trying to get a Knight Rider LEGO set to production. The set is of a  7-wide minifig scaled model of KITT with only original LEGO bricks. The set uses the SNOT-technique (Studs Not On Top), with the builder placing the lower midsection upside down to create the smooth curved shapes of the talking car KIIT, a Knight Industries Two Thousand, which is modified 1982 Pontiac Firebird Transam. On the show, it features lots of futuristic enhancements, including the ability to talk and protect its owner, Michael Knight. The set even has a 1×1 bright red tile to suggest a working scanner just like on the show. There’s also a smoked glas rear window that fits perfectly between the two corner-brick and an  original KNIGHT license plate. It includes two minifigs, Michael Knight and his boss Devon Miles.

knight rider kiit


knight rider

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