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The KKmoon Security System Burglar Alarm Protection Anti Theft System is Amazon Prime eligible which helps to cancel out the fact that you won’t get free shipping when you order it. The customer reviews are about average, though this can be chalked up to it being a fairly new product. Try checking out our best car alarm list for more great options!

Why We Like It – KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System

The KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System is a lightweight car alarm system with a ton of programmable functions which allows it to compete with even the top of the line car alarm systems. It’s 100-foot range allows you to operate the entire system from a distance for added security and peace of mind.

  • Prime eligible
  • False Alarms preventer
  • Comes with 2 Remote Controls
  • Only average customer reviews
  • Unclear instructions
  • No Smartphone compatibility


The KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System has a ton of programmable functions. Some of these include many different types of anti asalto transmitters and alarms, three types of ignition security, and it comes packaged with a shock sensor. Honestly, the features are too numerous to be listed here so if you still have a question, please make sure you check out the product information section on the Amazon page. And while you’re there please enter Viper 350 PLUS 3105V 1-Way Car Alarm in the search bar for another example of a car alarm with robust features.


The KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System has an item weight of 1.22 pounds which is measly compared to other car alarms and makes this one ideal for a new customer who wants something easily transportable with an easy install. The set comes with two remote controllers, which is handy, but these remote controls only have a 100-foot range. There also doesn’t seem to be smartphone capability. Check out the CarLock 2nd Gen Advanced Real Time 3G Car Tracker for a compatible alarm.


The KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System has average customer reviews on Amazon, 4/5 stars, which actually isn’t too bad considering the date first available was September 2016. But according to these reviews instructions aren’t too clear so you’ll need to find additional information online. It retails for $28.00 on Amazon, which doesn’t qualify you for free delivery but it is Amazon Prime eligible so the lack of free shipping can be cancelled out by the fast shipping. Please try out the Avital 3100LX Car Alarm if you want another example of an affordable car alarm.

KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System Wrap Up

The KKmoon Universal Car Vehicle Security System Burglar comes with built-in false alarm protection which is a nice feature to have considering we’ve seen a lot of car alarms that don’t for some reason. It would be nice if the instructions were a little clearer, though, and if it was smartphone compatible considering that;s the way technology is going in the future.

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