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The KIZMO K160 Portable Drone is definitely not one of the best drones out there. It’s not even the best selfie drone below $100. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid it. It comes with quite a few flight functions that you won’t get from anyone else at this price.

Why We Like It – KIZMO K160 Portable Drone

Hands free experience for selfies is really something else. And the KIZMO K160 Portable Drone allows you to experience that for cheap, which is quite rare, to be very honest. And its different flight function also enables users to use it as a normal FPV video camera drone as well.

  • Many flight function built-in for a cheap camera drone
  • Stabilization works pretty well
  • Headless mode
  • The tracking function doesn’t work well at all
  • At least a 1080p FPV Wi Fi camera would’ve been nice

Speed & Power

The speed of this Wi Fi camera equipped drone is good for the price, but not the best. For that, you need to consider getting something like the DJI Spark Remote Controlled drone. But setting that aside, it sports quite a few flight-related features (e.g., altitude hold, headless mode, auto takeoff-landing, and speed switch).


The range of this drone isn’t that great. But that should be expected; most drones that connect directly to your phone don’t really have that great of a range, relatively speaking. And if you want to take high quality photos of an object that is far away, you have to move closer to it physically. If you need more range, you should go for the ZeroTech DOBBY Drone instead.


KIZMO still touts this drone as the “world’s thinnest drone.” And to a certain extent, that statement actually holds true to this day. Its flat-shaped rectangular design allows it to cut through air just like some of the most aerodynamic drones available out there.

Camera Features

To be very honest, the camera inside of the KIZMO K160 Portable Drone isn’t good at all. It’s just a 720p FPV Wi Fi camera with a really poor aperture. If you’re strictly buying it as a camera drone that can take high quality photos all the time, you should probably avoid it. Don’t get us wrong; it can take high quality photos when there’s enough light. But, the results aren’t very consistent at all. If you are a photographer searching for a cheap drone that can take high quality photos all the time, the SNAPTAIN S5C Wi Fi FPV Quadcopter is a good drone to start with.


If you can somehow manage to get free delivery on it, even at MSRP, the KIZMO K160 Portable Drone is a good buy. Granted, the camera quality is pretty bad. But if you can look past that, this is an affordable drone that sports the features professional drones usually come with.

KIZMO K160 Portable Drone Wrap Up

If you don’t care about the FPV Wi Fi camera, the KIZMO K160 Portable Drone is generally good. And its small size allows it to be carried pretty much anywhere.

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