Kisai Night Vision Wood Watch Has Not Hands, Tells Time Via LEDs Beneath The Wood (video)

One look at the Tokyoflash Japan Kisai Night Vision Wood Watch ($149) and you’ll probably wondering how the hell do you tell time on it with no hands or digital face. But once you press the button all is revealed and you’ll see LEDs that are concealed underneath the wood shine through to display the time. The watch is actually easy to read once you figure out how it works and it comes with time and date functions, as well as features a watch and a light-up animation.


So hours are shown in the outer ring in the same position as the hours on a clock. The flashing light in the ring will indicate the current hour, while minutes are shown digital in the watch’s center. Its date function is shown in the same way – just touch the lower button on the watch and the month will be shown in the outer ring and the date in the center. The unique watch is made using natural wood, with users having the choice to opt for a dark sandalwood or maple version with either blue, red or free LEDs. It comes with an adjustable strap and its lightweight design is great for small and large wrists. The watch is charged via USB so just connect it to your computer and charge it for about 3.5 hours to make it last up to one month. There are 300 charged in one battery and its standard LIR2032 battery is replaceable once all of its charges are used up.


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