Kipling Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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96 Expert Rating

While the Kipling Wallet isn’t so far from being among the Best Cool Wallets, it certainly favors functionality more than anything since it is not that ugly. Looking at the Best Travel Wallet, having numerous spaces is a must—especially if you travel often. Being durable is also warranted, which you can see by its water repellent crinkle nylon material that’s easy to clean.

Why We Like It – Kipling Wallet

The Kipling Wallet aims to provide a boost to the basic functions of a passport wallet, seen by its numerous card slots, water repellent and durable crinkle nylon material, and easily organized interior.

  • Carries more than 10 cards
  • Water repellent crinkle nylon
  • Good presentation
  • Lack of RFID protection
  • Not very fashionable


Like we mentioned before, the Kipling Wallet isn’t ugly, per se, but it isn’t fashionable either. You get to pick between black and navy blue, so it isn’t breaking new grounds or really trying either. Nylon is hard to make look good, to be fair. If you want style, the Travando Wallet has you covered.


That’s not to say it isn’t durable though. The Kipling Wallet’s nylon material may not look the prettiest, but it is water repellent. If you’re stuck in the rain, you can at least breathe a sigh of relief it won’t ruin the wallet.


When in use, the Kipling Wallet goes for quantity over quality. You get over 10 card slots to play with, in addition to a place for an ID. A few of those card slots can also carry a passport, which is a nice bonus. It has a few deep pockets, plus a designated area for a pen, change, and petty cash. It’s basic, but the Kipling Wallet amplifies its basic functions. What it doesn’t do is protect your cards from RFID frequencies, leaving you open to data theft. The Bellroy Note Sleeve on the other hand has you covered when it comes to RFID technology.

Size & Versatility

If you were hoping to carry the Kipling Wallet in your pocket, you’re going to be disappointed. It measures 0.79 x 8.86 x 4.53 inches in size, so you can say goodbye to front pocket carrying. The Samsonite Wallet will feel more comfortable in your front pocket.


Is the Kipling Wallet worth it? It depends on your needs and taste. If you want that extra durability, go with the Kipling Wallet. However, if you want RFID protection, style, and a cheaper price, the Mundi Wallet is hands down, the better choice. They both at least benefit from being easily affordable, so your preference really matters here.

Kipling Wallet Wrap Up

The lack of fashion comes second to the lack of RFID protection, making the Kipling Wallet a tough sell. It does present itself as an above-basic functioning passport wallet, due to its numerous card slots, extra spaces for unique items, and durability. Unless your cards have RFID protection already, you can find better options.

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