Kingston DataTraveler Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Providing you with fast data travel through a USB 3.0 connection, the Kingston DataTraveler is potentially the best USB flash drive at its price. It comes with a beautiful sleek metal design that is both sturdy and convenient to use thanks to the key ring design. And while the Kingston DataTraveler easily prevents damage to the USB connector with the capless design, it also makes sure that it always stays within your reach. If you need a place to plug in this USB, you might also be interested in our Thanko 80 Port USB Hub is more like USB city review.

Why We Like It – Kingston DataTraveler

Packing in a fast data transfer capability in a very durable yet stylish design, the Kingston DataTraveler SE9 is both easy and convenient to use. The capless design makes sure you no longer have to keep track of where the cap is and also protects the connector from any form of external damage. And with its built in key ring design you can now keep it within your reach at all times.

  • Capless metal build
  • Features USB 3.0
  • Compatible across multiple platforms
  • No security measures


Offering you a write speed of 15MB/s and a read speed of 100MB/s the Kingston DataTraveler SE9 is one of the best USB flash drives out there. While it does transfer your files with ease through its USB 3.0 connector, it’s also compatible across multiple platforms including Mac, Windows, Linux as well as the newest Chrome OS. Apart from that, as per the SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 drive review, the Kingston DataTraveler SE9 is also comparatively faster thanks to its USB 3.0 connector. However, it falls behind the CZ36 as well as other SanDisk devices like the SanDisk Cruzer Glide CZ60 in terms of security. While their SecureAccess software offers you both data encryption and password protection, the Kingston DataTraveler comes with no such safety measures. If you like a durable and reliable flash drive that is waterproof and super fast, read our Mosdart 32GB review.

On the other hand it does come with a considerable amount of storage options from 16GB, 32GB, 64GB as well as 128GB. The nice variety in these sizes of USB flash drives, along with the impressive read and write speeds during data transfer, help these storage devices stand out from the rest on the market today. While they may cater to the needs of most people, if you need more space, the SanDisk Cruzer CZ36 as well as the Ultra CZ48 are both great options worth considering. There are instances when the tip of the USB connection can break, depending on how your USB works. The Verbatim pinstripe review discusses a USB device that has a push-and-pull sliding feature to prevent the connection from damage.


When it comes to the design, the Kingston DataTraveler surpasses the rest on our list of USB Flash Drives thanks to its complete metal design unlike the PNY Turbo USB Flash Drive. The metal build paired with the capless and built-in key ring design allows the Kingston DataTraveler SE9 to be both durable and easy to use.
While the capless design along with the metal build makes sure that the USB connector is not damaged, the keyring allows you to keep the flash drive near you at all times and maybe even connected to something so you never lose it.


Costing only $10 on the 32GB option, the Kingston DataTraveler SE9 is one of the most affordable flash drives out there and with its solid and convenient design it is considerably worth the price. These storage devices still get the job done and can stow away and easily transfer your data without breaking the bank. You do miss out on the safety measures that SanDisk offers, but unlike SanDisk, offering such a durable flash drive packed with USB 3.0 technology, the Kingston DataTraveller SE9 is definitely worth its price.

Kingston DataTraveler Wrap Up

While the Kingston DataTraveler may not have the fastest read and write speeds out there, or the most secure file storage method, considering the price it comes at, it is definitely worth your money. You get USB 3.0, a good amount of file transfer speed and most of all a solid, sturdy and easy to use design, the key-ring in which makes sure that the flash drive is within your reach at all times, ready to transfer files. If you found this Kingston DataTraveler SE9 Flash Drive review helpful, definitely check out our other reviews, where we cover a large variety of products for your home, vehicle, office space, etc.

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