This is great for when you are out on the best inflatable kayak. If you go swimming, fishing, boating, or just go anywhere near the water, you’re probably sick of hearing about proper safety procedures. You’re probably sick of strapping safety equipment to yourself whenever the water gets above the arch of your foot. And you’re probably sick of hearing about how this is all for your safety. But hey, it’s the truth, and the Kingii not only covers all the bases, it does it simply, easily, and compactly with a package that sits on your wrist.


Kingii is actually pretty simple. An inflatable balloon is tightly packed into a capsule. If you’re trapped underwater and need to get out, you pull the release and a CO2 cartridge triggers, filling the balloon. Once you’re on the surface, you can grab the inflatable to stay above water, and use the built-in compass to navigate. There’s even a small whistle attached to the balloon to let you get more attention from lifeguards, passing ships, and anybody else who might happen to be able to save you.

And if you’re worried about it staying on your wrist, don’t be. The adjustable strap will fit pretty much any wrist, allowing you to strap it on without worry.

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Safety is crucial when you’re on the water; it’s easy to forget water doesn’t care that you can’t breathe it, and you can get into a dangerous situation in seconds The Kingii will ensure that if you do wind up in the drink, you can get yourself back to the surface. And at $70, it’s an affordable bit of safety.

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