King Quest Pro Satellite Antenna Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The premium satellite TV antennas available in the market aren’t always the Best TV Antenna options. The situation with the King Quest Pro Satellite Antenna is pretty much the same. But it does have the full potential of becoming pretty much the Best RV Antenna in its class if paired with a universal HD controller.

Why We Like It – King Quest Pro Satellite Antenna

The brand King is well known for its great portable satellite antennas. And the King Quest Pro Satellite Antenna is one of the good ones. It’s an automatic satellite antenna that supports the King UC1000 controller, making it capable of supporting Dish Network, DirecTV, and Bell ExpressVu service, along with HD programming support. And you pretty much need the same controller if you want it to function appropriately, now that DirecTV has ditched its SD programming service.

  • Portable satellite TV antenna
  • Weather resistant build
  • Roof mount included
  • Only capable of DirecTV SD programming out of the box
  • Expensive subscription fees


Well, if you’re buying this automatic satellite antenna right now, unlike the King Dish Tailgater Pro, you need to buy a universal HD controller too. As we mentioned before, by default, this premium satellite TV antenna only supports DirecTV SD programming, which doesn’t exist anymore. However, if you pair it with a newer universal HD controller (e.g., their own King UC1000 controller), it works flawlessly. A more contemporary satelitte antenna such as the Dish Playmaker gives a better performance as you can view HD channels on it with ease.

Ease Of Install

Well, out of the box, this portable satellite antenna comes with a roof mount and is almost as easy to install as the Dish Playmaker. You’ll also find a long coax cable inside the box, and this automatic satellite antenna also supports power over coax cable. This means you don’t have to run down two cables to this premium satellite TV antenna for power and signal.


Surprisingly, the durability of the Quest Pro is even better than the Winegard RV Antenna booster. It comes with a weather resistant coating on top, so it will last for years to come. But the mounting accessories that you have to buy separately don’t have the same weather resistant coating.


Being an automatic satellite antenna, it does scan a wide range of satellites to provide you your required channels. But the overall range of this premium satellite TV antenna is slightly worse than we expected, considering the price. However, where it does excel is in repealing obstructions. When most satellite TV antennas fail to deliver even one channel in rough weather, this one functions perfectly fine.


This premium satellite TV antenna is an excellent option for everyone looking for a decent antenna in the market. And the brand King has a good enough customer service which does the job. But it’s not exactly fairly priced. At $450, we pretty much have to call this 11+ years old TV antenna somewhat overpriced.

King Quest Pro Satellite Antenna Wrap Up

The King Quest Pro Satellite Antenna is an excellent antenna to select for getting HD programming if you’re buying a universal HD controller along with it. But the high price and the subscription fees do dampen the value of this portable satellite antenna by a lot, not to mention the cost of the universal HD controller and longer coax cables.

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