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The Kinetic Vest Keeps You Warm With Argon


Warm weather gear is constantly improving. Whether insulation is getting thinner, or new ways of trapping heat are being designed, it’s nice to know that unlike our ancestors, we won’t freeze to death. Now it’s a question of staying warm in as neat a way as possible, and the Kinetic vest might just be a winner on that front.

All The Good Chemistry Jokes Argon

How? Through the power of inert gases! Built by Klymit, the basic idea is that the vest is filled with channels, not unlike the air bed you have to inflate whenever relatives decide it’d be nice to stop by. Which, really, is not a surprise since airbeds are what Klymit is best known for. Unlike that airbed, however, you don’t inflate it with mere carbon dioxide. No, for this, you deploy the noble gases, specifically, as you might have guessed, argon.

Noblest of Gases

Argon, you might remember, is a noble gas because it’s colorless, tasteless, odorless, and doesn’t react to other elements, due to its full electron shell. That also makes argon useful for trapping heat while keeping a low profile; just like air pockets can help keep things warm, so can argon pockets. However, you need a lot less argon, making this vest a slimmer, warmer item.

And, if that’s not good enough for you, you control the amount of argon in it with a special tank tucked inside the pocket. Need a warmer vest, just fill it up.

Warmly Noble

OK, so it’s something of a gimmick, and we wonder ourselves what precisely will happen with the vest when that argon, inert though it is, inevitably escapes its confines. But it’s a neat gimmick for a winter vest, and besides, anything that can make you a little warmer this winter is undeniably a good thing.

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