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Finding the Best Gaming Chair for you is really about figuring out what you want most out of the experience. Do you want something that reclines, or maybe something under a certain dollar amount? Maybe you need something a little bigger to accommodate your comfort? In your search for the Best Reclining Gaming Chair or the Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair, you’re likely to come across the Killabee Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair. For the $210 price tag, this gaming chair offers fantastic support and over-the-top comfort that won’t leave you with a backache once you get up.

Why We Like It – Killabee Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair

The Killabee Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair is super comfortable, thanks to the addition of memory foam padding that perfectly contours to your body. Its large size is beneficial for a wider-variety of users than its average-sized counterparts, and the higher weight capacity means it’s stronger and more durable, too.

  • Large size makes this chair extra-roomy and comfortable
  • Adjustable lumbar cushion
  • Sturdy adjustable padded footrest
  • Weak massage lumbar cushion
  • PU leather doesn’t breathe well


Proper support makes a world of difference when it comes to how sitting in your office chair makes you feel. The Killabee Gaming Chair is made with exactly this in mind, utilizing several key features to make your body feel supported and pain-free long after you’ve gotten up. The high back, ergonomic design ensures you’ll have adequate contact between your spine and chair, and the included neck and lumbar support pillows provide additional relief. While this chair is rated by Killabee as having a 350-pound weight capacity, some customer reviews indicate that the maximum weight shouldn’t be much more than 250. Others, however, found the chair could out-support the advertised weight capacity, so buy (and sit!) with caution.


One of the key selling points for this chair is that it is a “massage gaming chair,” but most reviewers agree that the included electric massager pillow does little more than annoyingly vibrate. This chair also features a retractable padded footrest, which makes the experience of reclining much more pleasant. The footrest does not extend too far, with some reviewers complaining it only reaches the back of their knees, but whether or not this is comfortable is a matter of personal preference. Because this is a racing chair designed with a higher weight capacity than related products like the Homall Gaming Chair, this is a larger, roomier chair than most. Reclining makes it easy and comfy to find the perfect back angle for whatever task is at hand, and the memory foam padding in the seat cushion is wonderful for sitting in over a long stretch of time.


Like the Respawn 110 Gaming Chair, the Killabee Gaming Chair can recline down to 155 degrees. Though there are gaming chairs out there that offer the full 180-degree recline, the 155-degree recline is far more common and plenty comfortable for a quick nap or hyper-relaxed movie-watching session. The armrests are also adjustable up and down, a feature sorely missing in a lot of similar racing computer desk chairs. The massage lumbar cushion, retractable footrest, and neck pillow are all adjustable as well, so they sit in the precise spot to provide you with the most comfortable sitting experience possible.


PU leather is far and away one of the most popular choices for gaming chairs because it is relatively durable without being expensive. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the most comfortable fabric for a chair exterior for fairly obvious reasons. Any exposed skin is likely to stick to the fabric, and its lack of breathability can easily cause you to begin sweating. Whether or not this will be an issue for you comes down to the climate in your specific area, of course, and anyone working or playing in a cooler space is less likely to mind this downside.


For $210, the Killabee Gaming Chair is a fantastic solution to your uncomfortable-seating woes. It’s a supportive and comfortable chair that is built to last, and this chair really delivers on the majority of its promises. Additional savings are available to Amazon.com Prime members, who qualify for free delivery on this chair. While this chair isn’t perfect, particularly in its overpromising when it comes to the “massage” pillow, its minor issues aren’t uncommon in this price range. If you aren’t sold on the massage pillow, consider instead the similar Gtracing Gaming Chair that is about $60 cheaper.

Killabee Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair Wrap Up

The problems with the Killabee Big and Tall 350lb Massage Memory Foam Gaming Chair aren’t unique to it: most of the similar chairs available are equally maligned. The “massage” pillow doesn’t really massage, and the PU leather isn’t breathable. Other than that, though, this chair has a larger size than most to accommodate a wider audience, and the adjustable components like the lumbar cushion and retractable footrest stay put and greatly support your body. If you want something big and cozy, this chair could be right for you.

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