Think of just how functional a Swiss Army Knife is — it does everything! Now, apply that concept to a smartphone. What are the typical problems that we have with our phones? Now, the Life n Soul team is looking to rectify many of those issues in an all-in-one small device solution: the KiiTAG 2.

The KiiTAG 2 is being compared to the Swiss Knife but for your Android or iOS device. There’s a lot that this device can do — as you would expect from something being called a Swiss Army Knife. It can act as a compact power bank that provides an extra 2 hours of usage, a USB flash drive to store photos, music, video and other files, a bright LED flash light (so you can delete that app off of your phone), and even a keyfinder that will located your keys in a range of up to 200 feet. The KiiTAG 2 will also have buttons on the front of it that will take your selfies for you, send messages, play a sound effect or even fake a phone all to get you out of some unwanted conversations with people you couldn’t care any less about (my kind of device).

The KiiTAG 2 will also come with a free companion app for both Android and iOS that will allow users to customize the functions of the buttons on their device. The device is being offered on KickStarter for $60 for the 8GB KiiTag 2 and $70 for the 16GB device. The project already has over 1,000 backers and has already surpassed its initial funding goal of $20,000 by more than three fold.

Check out KiiTAG 2 here

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