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Updated June 27, 2022
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Smartphones are amazing devices that have pretty much revolutionized life on planet Earth, and choosing which is the right smartphone for you is a daunting task (GR’s Best Smartphone buyer’s guide is a useful resource when comparing smartphones). Perhaps one is needed for emergency purposes, maybe a small child, elderly individual, or special needs child. Parental control and simplicity are ideal. You can’t go wrong with 4G GPS tracking either. The KidsConnect KC2 Tracker Cell Phone might be the perfect child safety communications device. GR’s Best Phone for Kids buyer’s guide compares the KidsConnect KC2 against other cell phone devices that are suitable for kids.

Why We Like It – KidsConnect KC2

The KidsConnect KC2 is a one-of-a-kind specialized communication device intended for safety of young children (or elderly persons), with a unique set of features in a unique package. An innovative concept with the bare essential capabilities needed for peace-of-mind.

  • GPS Tracking
  • Parental control / restricted dialing
  • SOS button
  • Not kid proof durability
  • Must purchase cell plan from KidsConnect

Overall Performance

The KidsConnect KC2 is powered by a 1.3GHz Mediatek chipset running a proprietary operating system. Not an Android or an Apple device, which is obvious at first glance. The KidsConnect phone looks nothing like an Apple iPhone 11 or a Google Pixel 4a. There are four buttons and a teeny-tiny display screen on the face of the KC2, with 3 easily pre-programmed buttons for quick calls to 3 different numbers. The fourth button (SOS), can call a number too, but also pressing it sends a text and GPS location.Calls and texts are limited to pre-programmed numbers, nor are Bluetooth and internet available for safety reasons.. The GPS capabilities of the KC2 include real-time tracking and location history so you always know where the KC2 is or where it’s been. There’s also a “geo-fencing” capability –if the KC2 leaves the designated area it sends a text message to a preprogrammed number. There’s even a voice monitoring capability allowing you to surreptitiously call the KC2 and listen to what’s going on around it. Programming phone numbers into the KC2 as well as displaying GPS info concerning the KC2’s whereabouts is done by accessing the KidsConnect website.

Battery Life

The KidsConnect KC2 has a 1000mAh non-removable battery. KidsConnect doesn’t set any expectations or make any assertions regarding the battery life of the KC2. A few consumer comments complain about short battery life, but independent testers got a day and a half on a single charge.


The KidsConnect KC2 has a 1.5 inch touch screen display with 240 x 240 resolution. It’s enough for the limited apps –phone, texting, alarms, stopwatch, settings Believe it or not the texting app features a full QWERTY keyboard displayed on a 1.5 inch screen. Probably something only young thumbs can navigate. There are no games or apps like on an LG Stylo 5 which has the typical glass face of many devices. Of course, it does not have the awesome display of the Google Pixel 5 but this will work well for your kids.


The KidsConnect KC2 is about 4” wide by almost 2 and a half inches wide, and a bit less than a half inch thick. The case is plastic and the edges aren’t rounded or fortified. Some customer comments report screen breakage resulting from drops (even a 1.5 screen can break), and that appeared to entirely disable the KC2. A lanyard is supplied with the KC2 so it can be worn around the neck. It’s uncertain that the KC2 would withstand kids playing in the local playground.


The KidsConnect KC2 costs about $85, and you have to purchase a cell plan from KidsConnect to make it work. You can’t just plug in a SIM card and use the KC2 on your own cell plan. The more expensive Unihertz Jelly Pro is fully functional, unlocked for any plan; alternatively, for about a third of the price, the LG Classic Flip is an easy prepaid burner phone. While both of these solutions might be targeted for kids, neither restricts calls/texts or allows real time tracking.

KidsConnect KC2 Wrap Up

The KidsConnect KC2 is highly specialized with some interesting capabilities that make it a good choice for specific use cases –like for young children, or special needs kids, or for an elderly person. It’s primary purpose is for GPS-tracking and safety communications, as opposed to being a smart device like an Apple iPhone SE or even a basic general purpose cell phone.

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