As you grow older your body begins to wither and fall apart, especially is the case of your hearing. As the years pass your range of hearing lessens and the higher pitch sounds are harder to hear. Taking advantage of this phenomenon is the ‘Kids Be Gone’ app for the iPhone. Download it, turn it on and set it to the appropriate age of those you’d like to deter. As a result they’ll be forced to leave the room or incur the beyond frustrating high pitch noise. That is, as long as they can’t jam it with the best smartwatch for kids or another one of their devices. Kids these days.

About 4 years ago we saw a similar, albeit stand alone invention called the Mosquito which was designed to deter loitering teens at local convenience stores.  Now you can just jack your iPhone into a set of speakers and you’ll be void of young thugs and gangsters on your corner.  The app is available now for $0.99.

[via Cultofmac]

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