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Keystone Air Conditioners not only cool a room, but also remove unwanted moisture so your room won’t feel as hot in the humid summer. It does tend to get a little loud though so having a conversation, or doing work, near it can get distracting. Still, we consider it a best through the wall air conditioner because of its certifications and efficiency features.

Why We Like It – Keystone Air Conditioner

The Keystone Air Conditioner is, overall, a fine choice for an in-wall air conditioning unit. It’s lightweight compared to other units in its class, can cool any mid-sized room without hassle, and has an excellent EER rating which leads to a well-earned Energy Star certification.

  • Removes 2.3 Pints of Moisture an Hour
  • UL Listed
  • Comes with a Remote Control
  • Cumbersome to Clean the Filter
  • A Little Loud


The Keystone KSTAT10-2C AC Unit boasts an impressive cooling power of about 10,000 BTU’s. This is more than enough to cool a room of about 450 Square Feet. And like the Energy Star Keystone Air Conditioner you can get different models with more or less BTU’s if you desire. An added bonus, the KSTAT10-2C also removes 2.3 pints of moisture an hour too!

Energy Efficiency

With an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 10.6 it’s easy to see why the unit has earned the strict Energy Star Certification from the EPA. See the Friedrich Wall Air Conditioner if Energy Star Certification is important to you. The KSTAT-2C is also UL Listed which means the device will not have any negative effects on the air.


The unit contains a flashing light that indicates the filter must be cleaned, which is pretty handy. However, it must be cleaned by hand and doing it once a month is ideal to avoid most of the larger particles. While not exactly bad, it can be a little cumbersome. Also, there’s no word as to whether the unit takes True HEPA filters or not which can make a big difference.


The unit has four-directional louvres so you can point it at a specific spot you want airflow. At 69.3 pounds it’s also one of the lighter in-wall AC Units around, about 20 pounds lighter than the Emerson Air Conditioner. You should still ask for help if you need to move it around though. Finally, the unit ranks at about a 58dB. For reference, normal conversation is at 60dB, so it does tend to get a bit loud.


Some conveniences included are a remote control so you won’t have to walk across the room to adjust fan speeds. The 24-Hour Programmable timer allows for you to program exactly what time you want your unit to be working so it won’t be blowing air when you’re away at work. The Auto-Restart function is another handy feature that allows the unit to reboot itself in case of a power outage.

Keystone Air Conditioner Wrap Up

As a brand Keystone produces fine in-wall air conditioners, and the KSTAT10-2C is no different. It’s, admittedly, cumbersome to clean the filter, but the ratio of positive to negative features should make this task a minor inconvenience at best. Just think about the units plethora of programmable modes and UL certification and you’ll realize cleaning a filter isn’t so bad.

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