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Logitech Keys-To-Go Lets You Type on the Move, Ignores Spills

Have you ever wanted a universal keyboard to tote everywhere, like a mix between a remote controller and a lapdog? Then Logitech has your new dream device with its Keys-To-Go, an ultra-slim keyboard designed to fit in your bag and operate all Apple products within reach.

At first glance, the Bluetooth-based Keys-To-Go – despite its variety of available colors – looks a lot like the portable keyboard Apple already has for its iPads and related devices. But Logitech’s product offers quite a few differences worth nothing. Designed for mobility, it is notably more compact at 0.24 inches think and 6.35 ounces, resembling the thin Surface Pro keyboards more than Apple’s heavier design. Logitech wants you to carry it in your coat, purse, briefcase or backpack without worrying about weight.

Additionally, Keys-To-Go is made from a vinyl-like, repellent “FabricSkin” material that is lightweight, more resistant to denting, and (notably) highly resistant to spills, which means you can use it near your coffee or cola without worrying about permanent damage: Just wipe up the spill and keep on typing. The keyboard has no room to spare for replaceable batteries, and runs instead on a rechargeable “3-month” battery with an indicator light.

The primary limitation to this mobile keyboard is its focus on Apple devices. You can use it to connect to and operate a number of iOS systems, including iPads, iPhones, and Apple TV and it comes complete with iOS keyboard shortcuts. While you can also use the keyboard for Android tablets, functionality will be more limited. It’s also worth noting that most versions of the keyboard don’t come with any kickstands or magnetic connectors, so it may slide across slicker surfaces.

If you’re ready to buy, keep in mind that Logitech offers a variety of keyboards to choose from, which mind you Logitech just upgraded. Keys-To-Go for iPad works with the older iPad generations and has a retail price of $69.99 (colors options include black, red, and teal). The company’s Type+ version is designed for the iPad Air 2 and, with its extra automation features, costs $99.99 (black, dark blue, red, green, bright blue, and violet). The Ultrathin version, also for the iPad Air 2, has magnetic connectors that let the keyboard double as an iPad cover and include aluminum components and longer battery life. It costs $89.99 (space grey and silver, keeping with the iPad Air themes).

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