Keychron Q2 Review

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Updated December 20, 2022
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The Keychron Q2 is a high-end compact (65% size) Quantum Mechanical Keyboard (QMK) released in 2020, promising advanced features and simple customization to keyboard enthusiasts. Unlike most of the best keyboards today, this device has double-shot textured PBT keycaps.

It can be factory-ordered with the user’s choice between pre-lubed Gateron G Pro Brown, Pro Red, or Pro Blue switches. However, the keyboard has a hot-swap PCB, so users can change to any switches they like. Browse through the entire review and see how the Keychron Q2 compares with the best gaming keyboards in the industry today.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great build quality
  • Detachable USB cable
  • Hot-swap PCB
  • Available with a variety of Gateron mechanical switches
  • Compact construction

Reasons to Not

  • Lacks a wrist rest
  • The keyboard doesn’t have inclining feet

Market Context

Compared to the same brand’s similar models: The Keychron Q2 is very similar to the Keychron Q1, with both keyboards featuring a hot-swappable compact design. However, unlike the Q1, which has ABS keycaps, the Q2 has higher-end PBT keycaps that provide a more comfortable typing experience. Check out our Keychron Q1 review to learn more about the Q1.

Compared to other brands’ similar models: Both the Keychron Q2 and the GLORIOUS GMMK PRO have hot-swappable variants, allowing users to remove switches without soldering. However, the GMMK PRO comes in the 75% form factor, featuring function keys that are not present on the 65% Keychron.

Featuring a similar wired-only design and RGB backlighting with individually lit keys, the Keychron Q2 and the full-size Corsair K100 RGB are somewhat similar. However, the Corsair has dedicated media keys, a detachable wrist wrest, and a USB passthrough. All these features are lacking in the Keychron.

Critic Consensus

Product researchers hailed the Keychron Q2, endorsing it for gaming, office use, and programming. They were delighted by its compact 65% construction. However, if you prefer a full-sized model with a number pad, see our NPET K20 review. Reviewers at Forbes praised its high-quality double-shot PBT keycaps.

Testers from Tom’s Hardware hailed this device’s RGB backlighting with per-key illumination, although color mixing is not great. Check out the Keychron Q3 review if you prefer better color mixing. Researchers were disappointed its incline is fixed to 6.5°, and it doesn’t have a wrist rest. It is wired only and has a detachable cable and so-so 11.6 ms wired latency. If you want a similar but more compact model, explore our Keychron Q4 review.

Using a unit with Gateron G Pro Brown switches, analysts clocked its operating force at 55 gf and pre-travel distance at 2.6 mm. The keyboard proved to be quiet during testing. See the Keychron However, this device is hot-swappable, so users can change to any switch type.