I’ve never been one of those guys who needs a loud and clicky keyboard. I just don’t get it. But some people prefer something more tactile that clickety-clacks as they type away. If that sounds like you, the Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard should be your next purchase. If your needs are more for gaming, I recommend the Logitech G910 Keyboard. If you want the best prices on the rest of your computer equipment, take a look at our review of the RefurbMe (lets you compare the lowest prices on Apple products).

Keychron K2 Mechanical Keyboard 1

One Keyboard To Rule Them All

The Keychron K2 comes with keycaps for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It is a super tactile wireless or wired keyboard giving you all the keys and functions in a compact form factor. It also boasts the largest battery seen yet in a mechanical keyboard so you won’t have to charge it up as often. Talk of innovation in keyboards, this Fxtec Pro1 smartphone offers both the physical QWERTY and a virtual keyboard to choose from.

The K2 can be used with Bluetooth or with a wired cable, giving you the flexibility to connect with your phone, laptop or iPad. It will connect wirelessly with up to 3 devices at once and you can switch between screens via fn + 1/2/3. Most keyboards don’t offer this kind of versatility. If you’re on the hunt for the best internet, you should also read our scholarship: how wireless will shape the future review.

The K2 Will Last For Over 50 Million Keystrokes

No matter what kind of keyboard style you prefer, linear, clicky or in between, it has you covered since it uses three Gateron switches options. This keyboard will be with you for a long time too since it boasts a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

The K2 is compatible with all operating systems, which means that you can use it with all of your devices. It doesn’t matter if you are using a Mac, Android device or Windows. This keyboard has Mac layout media keys, so you can use all the same media keys as conventional macOS. And it comes with 3 specific keycaps for Mac and Windows. There are so many keyboards on the market, like the keyboard for the blind or the Cyclops Wireless, but the K2 should please just about anyone.

This Keyboard Will Boost Your Productivity

And despite its compact form, it sacrifices none of the essential function keys like Page Up/Down, Home, End, and Screen capture. Your productivity will remain sky-high. On wired mode, the N-key rollover (NKRO on wired mode only) lets you register as many keys as you can press at once.

Basically the K2 has everything that you want in a keyboard, plus a great design. If you like it clicky or quiet, this is a keyboard that is going to elevate your work to the next level. You can get more info on the Keychron Mechanical Keyboard here. For iPad keyboards, check out 11 best iPad Mini keyboards.