Why Is My Keyboard Typing Backwards?

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Updated July 29, 2022

Sometimes, you might log on to your computer or tablet one day to find your keyboard is typing in reverse. While it may seem like a severe problem, backward typing usually indicates a minor software glitch, and it happens to even the best keyboards. So if you’ve been asking yourself, “Why is my keyboard typing backward?” read on as we explain how this happens and what you can do to fix it.


  • A backward-typing keyboard is usually a minor glitch indicating either settings or software issues.
  • Check your keyboard to ensure that the language or region settings haven’t accidentally been changed.
  • Update the keyboard driver or restore the keyboard to its default settings.

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Insider Tip

If you use a virtual keyboard, it’s always good to have an external keyboard ready if it glitches.

Why Your Keyboard Types Backwards

Backward typing is usually due to either a software or keyboard settings error. It could be an outdated or missing driver or just a simple glitch. Because there’s no one way to troubleshoot this problem, we’ll explain some of the most common ways to fix this.

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Restart Your Computer

A quick fix to many software issues is to restart your computer. After powering it down, leave it off for a few minutes before turning it back on. If you use an external keyboard, disconnect or unplug the USB cable. Again, let it sit for a few minutes for reconnecting.

Check the Keyboard’s Region and Language Settings

Enter into your computer’s control panel. Then go to the option that says “Language and Region.” Next, you’ll see an option that says “Format.” Click this and find your correct region on the dropdown menu. After finding the right region, press ok and restart your computer.

Reinstall or Update Your Keyboard Driver

The keyboard driver is what communicates the hardware commands to the software. The process of updating and installing a driver differs depending on the operating system.

For a Windows device:

Press the Windows key and R simultaneously. Then, in the search box, type “devmgmt.msc.” Find the keyboard icon, open the dropdown menu, and double-click on your keyboard, whether a built-in or external keyboard. Next, press the tab that says “Driver.” You can either check for updates for uninstalling or reinstall the driver.

For a Mac:

Press the Apple icon in the upper left corner. Then press on the option that says “System Preferences.” From there, locate the keyboard icon and click it. Then, press the box that says “Modifier Keys.” At this point, you can update/reinstall the driver.


Whenever you uninstall or update your keyboard driver, you risk losing any customized settings or keyboard shortcuts, so be sure to write them down before doing so.

For more tips on Apple products, read about what to do if your Mac keyboard isn’t working.

STAT: Windows 11 supports 38 different languages. (source)

Whi Is My Keyboard Typing Backwards FAQs

What does the Fn key mean on a keyboard?

The Fn key stands for "Function." When pressed, the function key enables many other of the key's secondary functions.

How can I type in reverse on Windows OS?

To type right to left, press CTRL + Right Shift. To type left to right, press CTRL + Left Shift. But remember, you must first enable these as key shortcuts via the settings menu.

How to type in reverse on a Mac keyboard?

To type right to left, press Command + Option + Control + Right Arrow. To type from left to right, press Command + Option + Control + Left Arrow.
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