My Keyboard Beeps When Typing

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Updated August 6, 2022

Even the best keyboards can be finicky devices, leading many people become concerned when their keyboard beeps when typing. While there are many reasons for this happening, most have simple solutions. So keep reading, and we’ll explain what causes this and how to make it disappear.


  • A beeping keyboard typically signifies that something is wrong with the software.
  • A standard solution is to install any keyboard driver updates.
  • Annoying beeping sounds may also come from sticky, toggle, and filter keys.

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Insider Tip

Whenever you update or reinstall a keyboard driver, you will likely lose any preprogrammed key shortcuts and customized keyboard settings.

Why Your Keyboard Makes a Beeping Noise When Typing

As stated above, a keyboard beeping sound can indicate several things. However, it usually represents a software issue that is easily fixed. Such software solutions are why it’s helpful to know to do things like how to update a keyboard driver when your keyboard stops working randomly.

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Update Your Keyboard Driver

The keyboard’s driver communicates the hardware’s mechanical function to the computer’s operating system. Like other software components, it needs to be updated. You can easily do this for Windows and Apple computers by going to the control panel and accessing the device manager. There, you can check for driver updates or uninstall and reinstall the driver software.

Manage Keyboard Settings

Another common reason for a beeping keyboard is that some of your settings are causing issues. One of the most common problems is having the wrong time and date. Check to ensure that the time and date on your keyboard are correct by entering the keyboard’s BIOS settings. Remember that entering the BIOS settings requires you to restart your computer and click on the page during the first few seconds as your computer is powering on.


Whenever you update or reinstall a keyboard driver, you will likely lose any preprogrammed key shortcuts and customized keyboard settings.

For Windows users, another thing you can do is to turn off the sticky keys, toggle keys, and filter keys. To do this, you must go into your computer’s accessibility settings and click on the keyboard. From there, you can toggle the settings off.

STAT: To turn off sticky keys for a Windows computer, press the shift key five times. (source)

Keyboard Beeps When Typing FAQs

What are sticky keys?

Sticky keys allow you to press down one key after another and have it register as a key combo (think Ctrl + Alt + DELETE) instead of pressing them down all at once.

Is it possible to disable the beeping sound?

If it's a sticky, filter, or toggle keys issue, users can go into their ease of access settings, find the keyboard icon, and uncheck the box that says, "Beep when keys are pressed or accepted."

How do I switch off the on-screen keyboard?

Enter into your computer's ease of access settings, and click on the keyboard icon. There, you will see an option you can toggle that turns off the keyboard. 1
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