Keyboard and Mouse vs Controller in FPS Games

Updated: Jul 5, 2023 5:48 PM
keyboard and mouse vs controller fps

If you’re looking for a premium computer mouse, you may wonder what wins the controller vs. mouse and keyboard in the FPS video games debate. Users looking to be the all-time greatest FPS player should investigate the best input method to boost their performance. That said, figuring out if the controller or keyboard players have a competitive advantage requires a little investigation. Luckily, you can learn the differences between keyboard and mouse vs. controller in FPS with this guide.


  • Keyboard and mouse controls offer faster reaction times and accuracy in FPS, e-sports, and strategy titles.
  • On average, gaming controllers are more comfortable and are easier to pick up and play.
  • You can find a keyboard, mouse, or controller to fit almost any budget, but we recommend sticking with name brands.

Thanks to the rise of crossplay in most types of games, console players are starting to consider the keyboard and mouse vs. controller accuracy discussion. Comparing a steam controller vs. a keyboard and mouse might help you find the best input control for different types of games other than shooters.

Insider Tip

Whether you choose a controller or mouse, stick with an input option for at least a month to overcome the learning curve and build muscle memory.

Mouse and Keyboard vs Controller for FPS Games

With new crossplay features on console games, Xbox and PlayStation gamers are beginning to have a choice between a controller and a mouse and keyboard.

Enough data should exist to put this debate to bed, but the decision between a mouse and keyboard and a controller is ultimately up to personal preference. That said, there are game genres like shooters, RTS, and adventure titles where a mouse and keyboard make sense.


Keyboards have a distinct advantage in titles like Rocket League and Halo Infinite, which rely on reaction time and accuracy. Even with aim assist on some PC shooters, mouse and keyboard players enjoy higher accuracy at long and medium ranges.

Learning Curve

Switching to an all-new platform or changing your input type will either result in a learning curve. So, changing your peripheral will negatively affect your baseline gameplay for at least a couple of weeks, whether you’re a keyboard player or controller user. Controllers are easier to pick up and play, but mouse and keyboard users have a higher skill ceiling.


Take regular breaks to prevent repetitive stress injuries during long gameplay sessions, regardless of what you choose in the controller vs. keyboard debate.


While PC players can invest in ergonomic keyboards and vertical mice, gaming controllers are usually more comfortable for the average gamer. While PC gamers can customize their inputs, premium console controllers feature back buttons and programmable analog sticks for refined comfort.


There is an array of price options for either control input you choose. With either option, premium hardware will last longer and perform better than options under $30. Go with a name brand, and choose a first-party manufacturer for console controllers.

STAT: A 2018 Pew Research Center survey showed that puzzle and strategy games were 30% more popular than sports games. (source)

Keyboard and Mouse vs. Controller in FPS FAQs

Is Apex Legends easier on PC or gaming consoles?

Winning on either platform takes some serious skill, but console lobbies are controller-only. Players with controllers on PC and console have aim assist, which increases shooting accuracy at close ranges. Aim assist on the controller lends itself to inside play, so PC players see a lot more long-range strategy.

Are violent video games harmful to children?

A 2021 study in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization showed no link between violent video games and violence against other people. The study focused on boys ages 8 to 18 and found that violent video games agitated some boys but caused no evidence of real-world aggression toward other people.

Are physical or digital games better?

Digital games are more convenient and take up less space, but you can resell physical games. Physical games tend to cost less over time than digital options, but digital marketplaces have more frequent sales. Console players should ultimately use both by choosing the cheaper option at any given time.

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